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Episode 18 Sypnosis by theseasasleep

by theseasasleep

Okay, I'm going to wade in here and say...  I loved this episode, every sad, moving aspect of it.  I've already said my piece on DH (basically:  diediediediediediedie!!!!) but that he used poison doesn't surprise me.  It is quite indicative of his personality which is sly and underhanded - that's what the use of poison says about a person in those days.  For a warrior like CY - even if it didn't involve ES - the use of poison must seem very cowardly because it's not facing someone like a man but like a snake.  Poison was/is his only recourse and in ES's case, he uses it to keep tabs on her and keep her dependent.  Once he lost the first poison aspect, he used the diary.  However, ES made it clear that she was willing to abandon the diary to remain by CY's side during her final days - once she did that and once CY took away his other power options, poison was what he had left.  Clearly, the man can't wield a sword:  he's only got his brains and poison, so right now he is using both.  Hate.him.  The difference is, he is under the mistaken impression that ES is a con-woman, that there is nothing special about her.  So, this time he used a poison whose antidote is familiar to her unlike the first one so she doesn't necessarily have to buckle under the pressure of his demands.  Actually, I think she's at the point where she will refuse to do so if only to protect CY from having to sacrifice himself in order to keep her safe. 

Guys, we can't be so unfair to GM!  He's come a long way from the person he was at the start of the series just like ES and CY and he made a tough choice about DH.  I'm sure he'd like to partially slit his throat and hang him upside down from the nearest tree (just me???) but GM had to let him go without consequences because Yuan was bearing down on them and the palace/country was just not equipped to repel an attack.  He just got his previously in-rebellion/traitorous army back under his control, still has to work with a bevy of ministers who threw him over at the first sign of extra money and the only truly loyal people he had were mowed down to half their number trying to get him back into the palace...  yeah, GM is in a world of suck and deserves our sympathy, not our howls.  He took the news that he wasn't CY's number one priority on the chin and rather well.  Old GM would be a bundle of nerves, disappointment, jealousy (?) but current GM understood that CY had to follow his heart in the way that GM had to follow his duty as king.  What is frightening me is that now that they have amicably established the limits with each other, this Yuan situation will put them instantly at odds.  Can he throw a nation into war to keep one woman out of Yuan's grasp?  Can CY let GM have his way if he decides to send her to Yuan?  Eventually, GM will have to throw defiance at Yuan - we know this - but will ES be the reason?  Will she need to be in order to not sever the bond between CY and GM?  Argh. 

Getting to our glorious couple:  I thought what happened in ep 18 between them fulfilled the promise of that kiss.  CY couldn't linger on that kiss because, well, he couldn't strip ES naked and get his wild on with her in a room full of a-hole ministers (kinky.)  However, at his first opportunity, he hugged the ever-loving hell out of her and looked to hang out with her (pulled up a chair and started reading in the palace hospital while ES worked away), again at his first opportunity.  ES was at her most loving and heartfelt when she urged him to forget her after she's gone - not because she is unaware of the depth of his feelings but because she is very aware of it.  She knows how he went off the deep end the last time he lost the woman he loved and she couldn't bear the idea of leaving him to return to that state.  What was so extremely important in that back hug scene was that first she asked to remain by his side, asked him if he would be okay if she stayed.  Only once he pretty much intimated she shouldn't even think of doing so, did she insist he forget her.  But before that, she wants them to love each other as much as possible - it's that old chestnut to love as hard as you can during the time that you have because that's all anyone can do.  I understand why CY was devastated upon hearing that though.  He can no more imagine forgetting her than he could imagine not loving her; for him, it is a blow that she could even ask it of him.  Our humble warrior is like a raw nerve around ES so I think sometimes he concentrates on the wrong things - like all he saw was that ES didn't tell him about the latest bout of poison instead of her reasoning which was to stop DH from jerking her and CY by proxy around.  She knows what he would do for her, that there is no limit to what he would do for her and she fears for him, loves him, wishes to protect him as fervently as he wishes to protect her.  CY has met his match because ES is just as fearless and unyielding as him when it comes to protecting a loved one. 

I was so happy to hear CY admit that ES as his first priority.  So far, he has been clever enough to manipulate bad situations and keep both ES and GM relatively safe or on top, but when push comes to shove, he can't put her second.  When he bluffed DH over that first bout with poison, it was just that - a bluff.  Remember, he didn't move too far from that house until he heard the 'it's all okay' whistle.  Because DH is a soulless monster like GC, he misunderstood and thought CY put the king before ES.  Those two evil fools don't understand love or loyalty.  DH really didn't understand why being queen didn't mean more to ES than CY; he really thought it was just words when ES coldly told him that when she looks at him she sees the man who tried to hurt her CY (meaning she hates him for that, not for any harm done to herself.)  He brushed it off, not because he couldn't give two craps but because he really thought it was so much hot air; he really thinks she's like him.  GC is the same way - he thinks if he takes CY away, ES will just shuffle over to his side.  How can two people live in the world and not have even a passing appreciation for love or loyalty?  In some ways, it makes me sad for them but in most ways, I'm just angry and wish they would die already.  They make me feel quite violent, lol. 

Sorry for the length but this is two episodes worth of reaction

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