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Thoughts on E20 by sia3

by sia3

I am lost for words here, only because I don't know where to start or join in on the on-going conversation of swordmanship and skills. I think I've missed the timing to input or share my take on everything!!!

I noticed everyone loved the gesture Choi Young did by moving in front of Eun-soo and hold her hand discreetly behind his back and she leaned on him. That is actually my favourite OTP scene for EP20. Yes, I'm not insane that I picked this over the ES woodalchi scene which made everyone fell into a sea of perverted gutters...(is there even such description??? If not, I created it myself )

I just loved it the first moment I saw him doing it. I'm a sucker for a guy that doesn't say much but quietly does little sweet things like this. I'm not one who needs all the sweet-talking so gestures from a guy such as this worth a thousand than a guy who talks too much coz sometimes words can be hollow whereas action speaks louder than words.

Of course, I do love the ES woodalchi scene too. ES was particularly cute during that scene and it has been awhile seeing the woodalchi gather together gossiping about their daejang. We need a little fun back...and I look forward to night time in the general's room. Heh heh heh....*evil laughs* Will there be any throat clearing scenes? How will ES changed? However, what's the chances of writer-nim granting us another longer, passionate kissing scene? 

EP20 is definitely a much more "happening" episode in terms of story-telling. It somehow has a bit of closure to EP19, at least I don't feel grumpy after watching it and I supposed it is because Eun-soo and Choi Young are playing de-facto relationship now! Hahahaha! It is sad that GM and NG lost their baby but at least she is not dead, so they still have a chance of happiness. I really hated that GM begged DH. I feel like I'd rather see myself dead than kneel down and surrender to my enemy. Like everybody else's posts here about GM finally understood how CY felt, I said yeahhh finally they are on the same boat. I do hope now that NG is rescued, GM will stand up and with the help of Young, make the right decision to protect his nation and the people he loves. I'm still doubtful how are they going to out-smart their enemies again. So far they haven't been doing much to really be rid of their enemies permanently...

There is only 2 weeks 4 episodes left, I have no idea what Writer-nim have it in store for GM but surely this is another learning path she has set out for GM in dealing with his enemies in the future episodes. It does kinda suck that now there's like 2 villians and thousands of Yuan soldiers to get rid ya it possible?? We can only wait...

Anyone noticed that Eun-soo hasn't come clean with Young about her time-travelling? She didn't tell him her future self sends her this messages.

The bad thing about watching high definition...
The fighting scene between Young and Yuan envoy's man was obvious that a stunt double was used Oh well ~ guess at least Min-ho gets to take a nap when they are filming his fighting scene for him.

I'm still having difficulty adapting to Lee Min-ho's new look. I reckon I've identified what disturbed me. I cannot see his ears with this look. I don't know why it bothers me but it just does and I much prefer seeing ears! I swear I don't have ear fetish! And I also find Min-ho and KHS looked worn out in these two episodes whereas Duck Hind Ass (did I get it right?) looked forever radiant!? Hair all nice and face all smooth and free of pimples and eye bags. I don't want Faith to end, yet I think the story has dragged out long enough and the casts are starting to look unhealthy due to exhaustion so I guess I am also glad it is coming to an end for their sake...(only because I want them back next year to make another drama as addictive as Faith )

I understood your point of view of DH however I'm not quite convinced by it only because Young was pretty much "forced" to wake up from his slumber because people he cherished are getting hurt or died. However, it is not shown what Ki-Chul has done to force DH to oblige to help him. In my eyes, he wasn't forced to do it. He willingly did it because he saw the opportunity. Yes, he must have had a dark desire buried deep down within him and now it has been unleashed by KC's promises of making him king. I am pretty sure what shaped him into what he is now is the way he was brought up and treated, how even though he is of royal blood but he is son to a lower level maid so maybe his whole life and his childhood, he was never treated with respect (?) I guess my main point of WTF was when he said he was "pushed" or "forced to" do what he is doing. It was that statement that totally made me want to send Young to beat the crap out of him again. It is his self-victimisation that I'm having a problem he is so dignified that it wasn't his fault that he did what he did to hurt others. I'm just not convinced of this judgment of his...that said, I didn't major or minor in Psychology

Oh there is something I noticed when ES said she wants to see DH. Young was basically yelling how is it possible she can understands him. Hahaha. Heh. Is that jealousy I sense?? Is he jealous that ES says she "understands" DH??? Heh.

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