Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second Reason for the Love of E17 by guadi

by guadi

Reason #2 for my love of this episode:
Gongmin walks outside after meeting the Scholars. Choi Young greets him. 
Choi Young: You came alone? What about your bodyguard?
Gongmin: I said I would come alone. Please seat *pointing to the rock* (Interpretation: though a leader has advisers and helpers, at the end of the day, the job is still the loneliest in the world because of the gravity of the duty) 
Choi Young: Your Majesty can't be protected in this manner. You let anyone in and out, come and go. And send your bodyguard away whenever you want.
Gongmin: Then, shall I slowly return to the palace?
Choi Young says not before DH is out of the palace. 
Choi Young: Do you know how difficult it is to safeguard someone from someone who uses poison? (Interpretation: It's hard to fight someone who cheats or being dishonest) 
Gongmin laughs and says: Whether as a Wooldachi or as an offender chased out. Whether as someone I trust or don't trust, how is it that you are so without change? (Interpretation: Human beings can evolve and grow, but at the core there's a few principles that guide us --- these cores don't change irrespective of the change in times, places or people) 
Choi Young chuckles a little and sits on the same level as the king face to face: I wonder too.
Gongmin asks: Is your dream to become a fisherman still?
Choi Young looks unsure: That...I have forgotten that for quite some time.
Gongmin: Just earlier, with the royal seal you escorted here safely, I pardoned and reinstated you, General...and now your new rank is Hogun.
Choi Young: I don't think the statesmen would be pleased. (interesting: To show the ying and yang between scholars and military warriors -- One use brain, the other use physical strength, But both in theory serve the same king. This friction exited in Gongmin's reign as documented in the case of Shin Don and the Historical Choi Young's exile to  the countryside) 
Gongmin: I may dismiss you from office again or even send you to exile at a given time (foreshadowing real historical event). Because King
Choi Young looks understanding of the circumstance: Yes.
Gongmin: Still, I wish you to be with me. I'm sorry for giving you an officiary post again.   
Choi Young sighs and notices Deo-Gi. That piques his interest. 

I love that visual of this scene is presented from behind the tree as if we, the audience, are eavesdropping on their conversation. It's also fitting; recall how Choi Young is so concern about the openness of this place. So it's appropriate that their conversation is in the open to make it feel less restrained. The conversation has so many layers. Especially, the tone in which Gongmin uses -- it oscillates between the King and the friend of Choi Young. Gongmin (the king) sometimes has to make decisions that might hurt his friend, but that is a decision a leader must make for the good of others. As a friend of Young, Gongmin recognizes the burden that Young carries in order to protect the symbol of the nation, but what can Gongmin the friend do, since he is also caught between friendship and duty? It's a dilemma that we human face more often than not -- to choose between two difficult options. 


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