Saturday, December 8, 2012

Anatomy Lesson 2 - Neck & Upward

Teacher: Ms. vangsweetie637

Alright, since I will be continuing on Choi Young's anatomy, from his neck and upward, I will begin. Here is the picture again for our dear Faith-lings:

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Since he is unconscious and lying on a table covered up, he is giving me permission to do a sexy anatomy session on him so, here I go:

First, let us look at our General's adam's apple. Even though he is sleeping, or unconscious, his adam's apple is stable and relaxed which is the perfect position to be kissed at if possible. The adam's apple is said to be one of the sign of showing manliness. It is also said that the more visible it is, the hotter it makes a man. In this case, since we can still see our General's adam's apple, it shows that he is not only manly and hot, but he is damn sexy. Oh, if anyone gets to kiss that adam's apple in any sort of way, gutter heaven will roar for days and nights

Next, let us move onto his lips. Now, those are some sexy lips too! Damn. This anatomy session makes me drool. I must remain under control. His lips, oh, look at how it curves into a perfect shape. His lips, even when they are closed, form the perfect closure. There is no gap whatsoever. These lips are neither dry or cracked hence it is perfect for kissing. And looking at how it just sits there, untouched, those lips need some touching

Now, the nose and eyes. The nose is perfect. Even from an upfront view, it creates a perfect angle that suits his face and eyes. the collagen which are soft and bendable tissue found at the ear and nose, were formed perfectly to make sure his nose is aligned well with his face. The eyes, even though closed, are perfect for caressing and kissing too. The eyelids are soft and the brows are evenly spaced so that there is a spot for landing kisses on the eyelids. If Choi Young was a sleeping prince, a kiss will surely wake him up.
For the second half, let us look at his curly hair. As he is sleeping soundly, with no trace of hearing around him, even his medium curled hair is resting peacefully alongside on the pillow. Now, it is said that hair represents beauty for woman and sexiness for man. If one is to ravishingly play with his hair, it will be pure pleasure. Just twirl the end tip with the finger and work its way up. The curl will be more lengthy for a very short moment. Even more, its black color represents a side of wildness and hidden agenda. Judging from the texture, his hair is soft and smooth, which is perfect caressing.

Now, let us move onto that little blob of his earlobe poking out from underneath the hair. Now, even it is not much since it is hidden in majority, the earlobe is good for nibbling. It contains soft cartilage which allows the lobe to move in any way. So, the ear is not just used for hearing. Its part is also used to test how the lobe moves in any direction.

Now, move a bit to the left to where the neck is. There is a little bare skin. You can see a speck of his shoulder skin. Now, from my anatomical senses, that is one broad shoulder. Which can only indicate one thing: pure strength. With such strength and will, the shoulder can be used to push forward and backward. Add some pecks of kisses here and there, or like the one that was shown to us by @sia3 and the shoulders will be put to heavenly usage.

Of course, we must credit the anatomy of the surroundings. The soft pillow and little bed is a perfect place to rest and enjoy

Okie, Faithlings-class of Faith. This ends my anatomy session for the day and night next lesson will come up shortly when I find another anatomy picture to dissect

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