Sunday, December 30, 2012

[FAITH COMMERCIAL] "Young Hypnose" Enchanting Almond Diamond Mascara and Liner Duos

1351 Goryeo Beauty Awards Winner

Get Sparkling Diamond Eyes with this enchanting almond diamond duos!

.With a glossy rich Almond hue and unshakeable staying power,this double-ended mascara and liner duos is worthy of a standing ovation.
.Granted that this is a 1351 Goryeo Beauty Award Winner, this duos receives lots of love from both a modern day time traveller "High Doctor" and many "Choi Young's Beauty Junkies" out there.(ME!! ME!! I'm one of them!)
. Made in Goryeo.
. Fortified with an array of antioxidants that work together to prevent your lashes from drying.
. Won't smudge,budge or fade throughout holiday celebrations or seasonal weather.
. The long slender brush and gripping bristles grab and coat every single hair to create a long, feathery effect and give "Sparkling Diamond Eyes".

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