Saturday, December 29, 2012

Faithlings Though on Episode 10 Part 2

by omiki

What ES was actually thinking ...

ES : They fed me, clothed me ... did you see that gorgeous white gown and purple shoes they gave me to wear to the Royal Court that day? They even had drinking sessions with me in the garden ...

ES : I'm still fed up with you for not telling me the plan before hand, and giving me such a fright ... I seriously thought i was going to be tortured to death in this awful place and not be able to see my parents again. 

Daejang : Sigh ... I thought you would be happy to come back here ...didn't know that you were doing fine there ... When I went to get my sword, the way you pulled my sleeve and said you didn't want bloodshed on your account  .... King GM and I thought so hard to come up with such a brilliant plan to rescue you from the clutches of GiCheol ... Seems that we did this all for nothing ... Ok, I will go now ... Seems like I am not welcome here ... <turn to go>

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