Saturday, December 29, 2012

Faithlings Thoughts on Episode 10 Part 1

by omiki

I had been wanting to post my thoughts on this scene. Did you notice that twice, it was the same guy who asked, "Are you not going?" LOL

From his pacing up and down restlessly, it's obvious that uri Daejang is worried about ES, so why isn't he going to check on her? To understand his feelings, consider what happened between ES and him the last time they met. She had just been accused of treason, dragged out presumably to be tortured to death for a crime she did not commit. Even though it was later explained to her that the punishment was just to take care of the Queen, she was still very shaken. Along came Daejang who probably wanted to explain to her that it was the only way to get her out of GC's grasp. Understandably, she was very angry with him, kicked him and asked him not to come close to her. She brought up the fact that it was he who brought her here and put her in this awful situation. Then she later cried into JB's arms, saying what a terrible place this is, and she can't continue living like this. Imagine how uri Daejang was feeling, that he was the person responsible for her sufferings as a result of him bringing her here. How could he face her? If he went to see her, then she would get angry all over again. She blames him for the misfortune that has befallen her and she also specifically told him not to come near her.

Later, of course, he did go and see her, after he heard that she had gone to see GiCheol. By then, the thought that she could have endangered herself, or be recaptured by GiCheol upset him so much that he could not stop himself. I want to talk about that scene in her room, too. I'll try to find some time tomorrow to do that ... Cya later, faithlings.

Next, I would like to comment on Daejang's reaction when he found out that EunSoo went to see Gicheol. This next screencap is of uri Daejang's shock.

Look at uri Daejang's priorities - he had just been given a very important document and assignment, but when he heard that EunSoo had put purposely put herself in danger, even without thinking, he tossed the important document to DM to pass to his deputy to handle (which turned out badly, cos the document was stolen and many people got killed ... ), and went to see if EunSoo was alright. Anyway, this incident proves that, to Daejang, "She has always been first."


  1. Thank you for pointing out Daejang's reaction in this scene.
    Choi Young has been putting ES first before his duty to the king for quite some times now.
    For me, the first time he did this was when he woke up from his coma and went looking for her at Gi Cheol's house in episode 5.
    He disregarded the royal decree and went after her anyway.

  2. @omiki - I like that you pointed this out, too. It's so true. This was a major conflict throughout most of the drama. And I like the early display of Daejang's ES priority that @myphim brought up. One of my faves. The man is barely up from his almost-deathbed and he's off to get her back. Love the dialogue with JB upon finding out (because it shows his strong connection to ES, which, to me, this early on, is more than just a sense of duty to protect or honor to fulfill a promise)...

    CY (totally brushing off JB's admonition to take care of himself): Did you just watch the high doctor being dragged away?
    JB: It was a royal order.
    CY: Put some needles in her, or punch her.... You could have made her pass out and made the excuse that she couldn't move.
    JB (puts head down, I'm sure, sorry he didn't think of or do those things)
    CY: (with a disappointed look, turns and grabs police shield and heads out)
    JB: (stops him) The Woodalchi who protects the King...are you thinking about going against the King's order?
    CY: I already don't have much strength anyway. Don't make me waste my precious strength. Please move aside.
    JB advises him about him using his inner strength when he is still physically weak and gives him medicine.
    CY: Geez, what a cheering doctor you are...
    JB warns CY about GC's intention to execute the high doctor and notes CY's connection to her. Does CY have a plan?

    CY (very seriously, and without flinching or hesitation) Frontal breakthrough.

  3. Hmmm...based on the abstracts from the novel, it seems like Daejang subconsciously places ES first since Day 1. When she was kidnapped at the inn, he went to look for her without any reservations, knowing full well the danger the King and Queen were facing at the inn. He chose to look for her. After finding the place and learning about the attack at the inn, he was a bit hesistant to leave that shack to go back to save Gongmin and Noguk. I think she has always been first in his heart since that day

    Of course, it took him freaking 17 episodes to realize he loves her and she loves him.