Monday, January 28, 2013

A View of Choi Young & Eun Soo's Relationship

by farstrep

@tvelove: Based on the drama, this is my take on Eun Soo and Choi Young's relationship. I think they're fascinated by each other at first sight but not to the point of falling in love with each other.

When Choi Young barged into the lecture hall where Eun Soo was giving a presentation, I could feel that slight spark of fascination when they first set their eyes on each other. Choi Young was probably surprised that the heavenly doctor he was sent to find was a female, had flaming red hair, dressed like a guy and spoke confidently in front of a hall full of people, which was very different from the women of his time.

His fascination with her was allowed to develop into respect when he witnessed her professional and serious attitude while stitching up the poor guard's wound. Of course, the fancy eyeglasses helped too. He was a person who valued ability and capability. When he realized the guard was still alive after the operation, he was even more impressed with her.

The first turning point for Choi Young was their conversation at the Heaven's Gate. Perhaps he thought heavenly beings were superior and omnipotent. Perhaps he was too engrossed in his mission to notice her fear at the convention center. Whatever the case, Eun Soo's teary incoherent ramblings changed all that. He finally realized how terrified and vulnerable/defenseless Eun Soo was. Even heavenly beings experienced normal feelings like him. And he truly felt for her and probably even berated himself for being insensitive and not noticing her predicament and feelings earlier. This was not the battlefield and Eun Soo was not his enemy, so he should not treat her like a mission to be completed and forgotten. He was dealing with a heavenly being with feelings. His ex might have played a part here too because he did fail to protect her previously and he would thus feel compelled not to let history repeat itself. Anyway, he made up his mind to protect Eun Soo with all his heart and might and after the mission was completed, return her to Heaven. He showed her his sincerity by staking that promise on his name.

For Eun Soo, her fascination stemmed from his weird attire and the motive of his abrupt intrusion into her lecture hall. It wasn't often that a man dressed in ancient garb appeared before her very eyes. However, the fascination only lasted for a second before her professionalism and logical mind took over. His presence was clearly a distraction and could potentially ruin her chances of getting funding for her hospital. So she continued the lecture as if nothing had happened but she was probably thinking why Choi Young was there and was irked that he had caused a stir amongst the audience and thereby, taking away their attention from her.

Eun Soo did not have a good impression of Choi Young at all, hence her nickname for him-Psycho. Especially when he slit the security guard's throat without the bat of an eyelid, wielded a sword at random people, hauled her on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and kidnapped her. Even when Choi Young promised her so solemnly that he would return her to the Heaven after the mission was completed, she was still not convinced. Who in the right mind would think a sword-wielding kidnapper was trustworthy and honorable? But the turning point for her would come in Episode 2 when she stabbed him in the guts.

I am only analyzing Episode 1 since you asked about love at first sight. I didn't misinterpret your question, did I? I think theirs was a love that developed through tribulations, interactions, time and trust, not so much of love at first sight.

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