Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Analysis 1

by guadi

I especially love this art work. Two Choi Youngs, the past and the present. The present figure offers yellow mums to his past self - a symbol of the gradual re-awakening of a once youthful and free-spirited soul. The close proximity between them represents a slow merging of the two selves. His past resting under the shade; while his present self standing tall under the midnight sky with a crescent moon casting light on him. What separates them at this moment is a small gap of the night air and space. Nothing else. I like to think of that small space between them as an invisible obstacle. A divide between dying and living is something stemmed from his mind. Those yellow and vibrant mums - the color of the sun, of summer, and of all things joyful and bright -aided his past and present; allowing these two souls to converge as one. He's truly alive once again 

credit to Hasuo

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