Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Analysis 2

by guadi

source: DC

My other favorite fan art. This one is done using computer graphic. Yet, it has some elements of a traditional Chinese painting. 

-The monochromatic colors -- Black, white, and grey shades when combined can create a very zen-like, restrained and contemplative painting. This particular fan art oozes calmness, and very pleasing for the eyes. Here, you have a light grey background with varying shades of darkness to outline the dream landscape. 

-Depth, Space and Composition -- There is very little spatial depth in this work. Here, you can see the foreground and the background placed on top of one another. It has a bit of depth through light shading around the figure and mountain outlines, but the objective here isn't to capture a realistic depiction of a visual space like in traditional western landscape painting. The aim is to trace the form of a landscape and a life within its boundary. What the artwork lacks in depth, it gives in space. The light grey expands its artistic vista, while the placement of each dark-shaded elements -- mountains, tree branches, daejang -- break the whole piece into three separate spaces. But since the colors are complementary, the composition of the art feels unified. 

It also gives separate focal points where the audience can gaze and grasp the emotion of this particular work. The lines are not linear, but of graceful curves to exploit movements of life living inside this art. You don't see symmetry here, except a reflection from the frozen pond. As if the reflection is meant to emphasize the transparency of this space. It's like the painting tells you daejang is fishing and the reflection reinforces that line of thought - he is fishing. But I think it's more of a nebulous view of a person, you see him in a contemplative state, but you don't know the depth of his thoughts. 

The overall tone is that of a person living in solitude - surrounded by mountain air and his own reflection. So lonely and peaceful, isn't it?

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