Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Choi Young, in regards to Eun Soo and Gongmin

by farstrep

Having served countless kings, Choi Young should have the eye for discerning a good King from the bad. From the conversation he has with the King in Episode 1, he must have felt the King has the makings of a benevolent King if led on the right path with the right people in tow. Perhaps this is why he cannot understand what the King is thinking when he reneges on his promise later.

Choi Young is blessed with the gift of foresight. He can foresee the danger Eun Soo will be in should she continue to stay in Goryeo, especially with her strange Heavenly behavior and exceptional medical skills. If they're not careful, she might be used as a political pawn against the King and Goryeo. Choi Young has already seen firsthand how easily Eun Soo is kidnapped and bruised. It doesn't help that he is also sensitive to her huge range of feelings and the fact that she truly wants to return home. Besides, he has made a promise to her, which he intends to keep but isn't able to honor now due to the King.

I think Choi Young realizes that he has a soft spot for Eun Soo. And this is accentuated by everything Eun Soo has to endure because of Choi Young's actions ie.kidnapping etc in Episodes 1 and 2 and the amazing strength she portrays in all the precarious situations ie. she doesn't shed a tear at all. That makes Choi Young more protective of her and coupled with his unfulfilled promise and his attraction to her, who is to say this will not pose any problems for him in the future?

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