Monday, January 28, 2013

In response to Art Analysis and Blossoming Heart

by kappy

@farstrep - I just love that sandwich hug you posted!  Looks like a BLT (bacon-lettuce-tomato).  I like those, esp. with onions.  I know many repel onions (and me, when I eat them) but I would like to imagine onions in that sandwich, and since we have some claiming to be the lettuce, sauce, cheese, etc., can I be the onions?  Thank you.

P.S. If there are some of you who don't like onions, don't worry about it.  I'll temporarily be something else, like the mustard, or whatever.

@guadi - That was beautiful, what you wrote about the old and new Choi Young.  At first I thought it was MH he was handing the flowers to, and I thought, "What is this?"  But thank goodness I was wrong.  Every detail does matter, like the sitting and the standing, as you noted.  And did you notice it is a pale red sky, not a blue one, in the background?  The moon is above, but it's dawn now, and the sun is on its way up. Goodbye to the intense red that was so much a part of his life in the way of bloodshed and attire, and hello to the red-haired beauty who breathed life back into him with her vibrancy and love for living.  And speaking of red, I'm sure it's not a coincidence that his horse is red and its name translated as "Vermillion."

@myphim - I liked your "blossoming heart" translation, also.
That pic you posted a couple of pages back of Daejang and the police shield reminded me that I never really understood why one lone police shield withstood the devastation of Daejang's powers.  I'm sure it was on purpose, but I'd like to hear what went on in Daejang's mind in deciding to take it with him to Goryeo (beyond just being able to have a nifty souvenir from heaven).  How much forethought did he give it?  He must have seen that it served a good purpose.  Daejang, as we know, is intelligent, quick-thinking, and always planning.  Perhaps I'm thinking too much on this.  However, from the start of its foray in Goryeo until its death, the police shield protected well, deflecting ill-intended strokes of the sword and flying objects aimed at Daejang and was even propelled at enemies as a weapon.  It saw its end at the hands of one of Daejang's (then) nemeses, Gi Cheol, not moments before Daejang felt the assumed rejection of the person he had been trying to protect, Eun Soo.  The shield "died" when he felt he could no longer shield her.

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