Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Smiling Choi Young by myphim

by myphim

Why I love this scene?

1. He's so gorgeous when he smiles like that, and I also see a dimple. Don't catch me and let me swoon.
(Sorry for the shallow reason, but it's the truth.)

This scene took place after Choi Young met with ES in that pavilion. He was especially cheerful that even the Manbo siblings noticed and wondered about it. Choi Young was so happy that he even teased Manbo ahjussi.

I really love this scene because we get to see a rare glimpse of the cheery side of Daejang.

I thought he lost this joyful and teasing side of himself when his master and fiance died, but apparently it was still there, just hidden deep inside.
It's really lovely to see that just by being close to ES, Daejang was able to recover a part of himself that we all thought was lost forever.

@guadi   Another brain cell just passed away.

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