Friday, February 1, 2013

Elaboration: Five Points in Special Rice Soup

by vangsweetie637

Point 1: IN

Now, remember, in this kiss, we saw movements. We saw rhythm. We saw engulfing. The movement 'in' is referred to as when anything is inserted into another thing, whether it is alive or non-alive. This of course can refer to anything from the human parts to the environmental areas such as sticking a nail into a wall, punching a hole through a plastic cover. All this action are going be insert into the object. Now, in the human parts, there are many things that can be inserted in to, however, since this is our special rice soup, we are focusing our attention to the lips. Like I said, we are very attracted to what is happening 'in'side their mouth. Keep in mind. The tongue lives in the mouth.

Point 2: OUT

What goes 'in' must come 'out'. For example, after you have punched a straw 'in'to a cup and then want it 'out', it must be pulled 'out'. This can also refer to human parts. You can pull 'out' hair, you can pluck 'out' your eyebrows, you can even pull out and then back in on some other things. Of course. We are tending our attention to the kiss. Now, the tongue that lives in the mouth will be going 'in' to the other person's mouth, hence exploring. Now, the tongue will pull 'out' and then back 'in'. It is a movement. It is a pattern. It is natural. It moves in and out while the other person's own tongue will perform the 'in' and 'out' favor. So, what my student @mattie2012 was not able to tell because of her nondisclosure statement is that there were foul play going on inside Daejang and Imja's lips, their tongues playing with one another, going in and out of each other.

Point 3 & 4: Up and Down

While it is the tongue that is playing inside, we have the lips that is showing us what is happening on the outside. Up and down is a combined movement during this rice soup, for it is what is giving both Imja and Daejang's lips the strength to move as it suckles on one another. It can either be a slow up and down where the pleasures are savored and felt in a slow and sexy way, or it can be fast and furious, where the effects are deepened and then the suckling occurs much harder. Remember, we are just discussing the kiss here. The lips are enveloped on top of one another, bottom meets bottom, top greets top, and together, they grind and bump up and down as the inside is going 'in' and 'out'.

Point 5: And All Around: Ok. This is the point that I have not gone over yet. But of course, this won't stop me from doing so Now, we know what 'in' and 'out' is and the purpose of 'up' and 'down' are already, so let's look at it all together. When the tongue is going 'in' and 'out, and the lips is sucking 'up and down', there is nothing left to do but for the saliva buds to step up and wet the tongue so that it can go all around. Now, since the tongue is already doing its own action, and the lips is still pouncing on its own pleasures, the saliva gathered from the slick tongue will have the time to twirl and swirl and rub the wetness all around, ensuring that the speed and the savor matches the motion and the rhythm. The faster the speed, the more wet everything inside gets. The lips will suck tighter, the tongue will penetrate in deeper, the saliva coming out even more than usual. The wetness seeps onto the outside, and this is spread all around, inside out

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