Thursday, February 28, 2013

Episode 20: Faith, Love or Miracle?

by farstrep


You have no idea of the miracle you have created for all of the Faithlings as well. Thank you. 


I love this shot - how she is framed by a mixture of huge grey rocks and trees and the miniature Eun Soo standing right smack in the middle of it. It suggests how minute and vulnerable she is as opposed to the powerful forces of nature. She can only depend on herself to fight the battle against the different time periods the portal chooses to land her in.

It is interesting to note that the edges of the shot are blurry, creating this notion of a mirage. As if this is not real. Everything she is seeing now is not real. 


The official love confession might have occurred in a later episode but unofficially, he has declared his feelings for her countless times over. It's never easy for one to give his entire heart unconditionally to another for fear of the manipulation and hurt that might follow after that. However, Choi Young is not afraid because he trusts Eun Soo to take care of his "beating" heart. Love is totally oozing from every single pore of his being. :x I doubt even the most loving of couples now can achieve this feat.


I love this part - how in tuned Choi Young is with her frequency. Intuitively, he knows her strange behavior stems from some heavenly knowledge/behavior again. Although he isn't certain how this heavenly knowledge/behavior works, he is more than willing to make an attempt at understanding it. In Goryeo style, of course. :P


The manner in which Choi Young demonstrates his love for Eun Soo is so sweet. The constant declaration of his absolute trust in Eun Soo has another implication. That he is totally putting himself in her hands, giving her the upper hand in their relationship. I'm glad that Eun Soo's heart is in the right place and does not abuse his vulnerability and the trust he places in her. 

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