Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vangsweetie's Favourite Scene

by vangsweetie637

Alright. I am going to attempt to get out of my gutter land just for the time being It is very hard to talk properly now when I spend so many nights and days in gutterland

My favorite scene from this drama is not just one but many. However, since I have to choose on one and elaborate on it, I will have to say it is the hand-warming scene. This scene, when I think back to season 1, was the one that made my heart go . To me, it was the very first time I saw the heart-felt warmth coming from both ES and CY in real form, where they are showing it physically instead of implying it this time. CY, although his emotions shines through his eyes so well, is shy to show his feelings in person to ES. ES, upon knowing the fact that CY is indeed the one that comes to her at no fail, begins to distance herself further from him than usual. This scene would not be the way it is if not for the ending of episode 11.

In episode 11, LC comes to ES and reveals to her, the truth of CY's life and love. Now, she also asks if ES is the person that CY always refers to as 'that person which whom he cherishes". I think this was the first step to ES knowing how important she is to CY from another person's view. Hence, this led to the scene in episode 12. Her knowing that he would risk his life to die without any thought was like him dying with no one to treasure/cherish anymore. That was how he lived before he met her. He had no one to fight for, no one to love for. This calmed ES's heart, and soothe the anger she felt in the previous episodes. 

The assurance of her hand on his, the expression that came from his eyes, reveal a confirmation to him: ES actually really do care about him too. And to see this, he decided to not risk his life anymore in front of her or for anyone else. This was how his life had been about-the killing without a risk. But with ES, he began to see that his killings came at a big risk. She was teaching to him how important it is to live. And when she cried, it must have shocked him. He didn't expect her to cry, for him. It touched him even more. After this scene, we see more closeness from these two. We see the bond close without the awkwardness and the ignorance that she gave to him in episode 11. We see an understanding that came from them both. And most of all, we see their gradual development of affection toward one another. The will to protect each other, to be each other's companion, blossoms. 

*Wow. I did it! I wrote something without uttering gutterly vocabs *

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