Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poem Tribute for Dol Bae

by kappy

I will not follow him, he said.
I’ll challenge him instead!
This uttered boldly ‘til a wand 
came flying at his head.

Thus dispelling any doubts of 
capability and skill,
Of the man they would call “General”
In time, loyalty instilled.

Dol Bae of the Woodalchi,
Soon became of a trusted friend
To the leader of the king’s protectors
Until the very end.

Crescent sword wielding and flirtatious
And possessing abs of steel, 
Skillful fighter, all these things first noticed
Until we felt his zeal.
His zeal for serving as Woodalchi
Dedication unsurpassed.
To Choi Young he said, “I’ll be your hands
Until the very last.”

And in the end he proved himself
His life he freely gave.
His selfless act we’ll not forget,
Ever in our memories, saved.

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