Monday, March 25, 2013

Possessiveness of the Two Absurd Villains

by Hanjae

The face-off between two of Eun Soo's ex-suitors is a scene of unintentional hilarity. If the ever-deadpan Gongmin was in the room, he would likely either scoff, roll his eyes or simply facepalm.

Deok Heung: My betrothed and the kidnapper are now on their way to a northern village border.
Ki Chul: Why is my Eui Seon with him?

The use of the possessive by both of them is not only amusing in its ridiculousness, but also quite interesting because it says a lot about these two men and their varying levels of delusion. The fact that neither of them are able to come to terms with the reality that Eun Soo is not theirs underlines their biggest common factor - their pride. Their pride simply would not let them admit that they have both been unable to win over Eun Soo in their own turn, and their similar greed (and the fact that they see people as objects for possession) drives them to possess what they cannot have. In a way, Deok Heung and Ki Chul are very much like children throwing tantrums because a particular toy is out of their reach.

Also interesting in this scene is the way that Hwa Soo In and Cheon Eum Ja reacts during the resulting backlash Ki Chul experiences when he tries to use his ice powers affirms what @farstrep and I were previously discussing - that Hwa Soo In (and Cheon Eum Ja) had very limited knowledge of what their sahyung was suffering. Only Yang Sa knew how to treat him and what must be done (such as not moving Ki Chul unnecessarily), while Hwa Soo In and Cheon Eum Ja were confused and shocked at the severity of his attack. They did not express sufficient surprise to suggest that they had no knowledge of Ki Chul's illness, but it is certain they were unaware of its extent. It's too bad that the villains were given less and less screen time in the final stretch of the drama and they had no chance to contemplate this development before their plans imploded rather spectacularly - perhaps we might have seen Cheon Eum Ja and certainly Hwa Soo In's loyalty to Ki Chul challenged.

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