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Faith Recap ~ Episode 21 (Part 1)

Recap written by azzurri
Gifs by WutHmone and Sia3

Scene opens from the scene of the last episode, in the Wudalchi barracks.

Daejang enters his room, and the door is quickly closed by Deok Man and Jung Ho. Daejang's eyes widen as ES's voice rings out,"Allegiance!"

ES is standing before his eyes, wearing the Wudalchi armor, with her hair cutely bunned up, holding a sword in her hands and wearing the most beaming of smiles.

Daejang asks what is all this, and ES explains that the Wudalchi barracks is the safest place in all of Goryeo.So she will hide there, right by his side. She had already obtained the King's permission, and was even given her own sword. ES is grinning prettily as she explains and holds up her sword to him, but Daejang does not look at all pleased.

His grim expression drains all the delight from her face. She explains that there is no women's dormitory so she thought that she would stay in his room for the time being. She asks that a simple cot be placed for her, but on seeing his unsmiling expression she tells him hesitantly that she can sleep just fine on two chairs joined together.

Without saying a word but breathing out a sigh, Daejang turns towards the door and pushes it open, startling the three nincompoop puppies listening at the door - Daeman, JungHo and Deol Bae.

Next thing you know, Deol Bae is complaining about Deok Man's cleaning. And Deokman miraculously appears behind JungHo (I strained but couldn't see Deokman when Daejang pushed the door open. LOL). The 4 Wudalchi leave, making a lot of noise even though Daejang has not said a word through out. 

Daejang CY closes the door and turns back toward ES. He walks slowly towards ES. All the while ES chatters on - she will earn her keep, she will give health checkups to the men, and treat any wounds. 

He comes nearer and finally speaks up asking her, "So then?" still with a serious expression. Is he supposed to stay in that room too, he wants to know.

ES is getting increasingly flustered. "Well, this is the Daejang's room and you are the Daejang..."

"Because I am Daejang?" he asks, ever nearer. She nods, her eyes widening, perhaps not very certain what was happening. He walks closer to her until ES is leaning almost against the window. He leans in toward her, still serious. They are almost chest to chest now. "Here?" He asks grimly.

She nods slowly, her eyes locked with his now. "Here. Without running away." And before we get to see that slow beautiful smile of Daejang's, the scene is cut!  Grrrr.

Cuts right to Daeman, standing outside the door leading to Daejang's room and he's wearing a silly grin on his face. He slides down a pillar to the rest of the Wudalchi standing a floor down looking up at him in delight.

Deok Man is being cheeky, and starts to say something about Daejang and ES to the laughter of the rest. Deol Bae comes up to him and hits him on the head, then goes on to shoo everyone away, kicking Deokman to get him to leave. After everyone leaves, he turns to see Daeman sliding down the pillar, and Deol Bae smiles to himself and walks off too. Daeman, looking up at the upstairs door, is still grinning in delight.


And here's THE SCENE... I'm already swooning before it starts:
Warning: Gif Overloaded. Embrace your browser!

Back in Daejang's room:

We see Daejang carrying a small stool while his other hand pulls ES to a seat. He sits her down, then sits himself on the stool he brought facing her. He puts her sword aside, and looks at her. ES's face has an almost guilty expression, like she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

He asks her why, but she doesn't understand. He tells her how adamant she was about going home in two weeks, but now she's saying the exact opposite. That she wants to stay in his room with him. He wants to know why.

ES tries to explain herself. "The King said this is the safest place..."

He asks her gently, not really believing her. Did the king really say that? She relents and admits that she did make a request.

He sighs deeply, and she looks at him worriedly. 

He tells her, "I could never figure you out, from the very beginning." Her eyes widened at his words, surprised.

He continues, "Why does she smile like that? Why does she get angry?" He tells her he finally found out why, and it is because she was always worrying about him. She cries and laughs because she worries about him, and because she was worried about him, she ran away from him. And for the same reason, she insisted on coming back. Because she was worried about him, who kept looking back towards the palace.

All this while ES just listened, staring at him with widened eyes. She finally nods, looking down.

CY asks, "Even though Imja's life was on the line..."

She looks up at him now, her expression gentle. "I didn't die." He smiles ever so slightly at her, hearing her words.


He takes both her hands in his, and moves to sit closer. "This is the sequence," he says."First, I am going to get your antidote. Then, when you no longer need to go to the heavens to cure yourself, I'm going to ask."

He pauses here, and she's looking at him now with the tenderest expression ever. It moves me each time, looking at these two. Sigh. 

He stares at her for a few seconds - a few very long seconds, it would seem. "Can you stay?" And her expression is one of surprise now. He continues, "I know there are people waiting for you in the heavens, but I'm still going to ask."

A slight pause, and a soft intake of breath, and.... "I will protect you forever, so will you stay with me?" (I think I will do a @shengvang, and die here for a few moments. Swooooon.)
She smiles now, a very gentle tender smile, and her eyes are glistening. Protecting her won't be easy, she says.

"I know," says he.

"Forever?" she asks.

"If I am going to have Imja, it will be forever, not for one day or a few." SWOOOONNNN. Daejangggggg. She smiles at his words, obviously very moved. "So when that time comes, will you answer?"
She stares at him in an almost gentle surprise, and finally smiles tenderly and nods. Only then, do we see the faintest trace of a smile on Daejang's face as he continues to look into her eyes.
Azzurri's Comment: Oooh this scene just kills me everytime. How much more romantic can it be, when the man of your dreams sits close to you, holds your hand, looks into your eyes and proposes to you - wanting a forever with you? And that man is as hot as Daejang. It's no wonder that ES was at a loss for words most of the time. I can only begin to imagine what she was feeling. There was so much uncertainty, in her staying and especially I think, for ES, the uncertainty of his feelings. CY was always so closed up, so difficult to read, so how could she be certain of the strength of his feelings for her if he didn't come right out and tell her the way he did? So tender and gentle, so different from the CY of many months ago when they first met.

Wudalchi Barracks Compound

A fight is going on between a bare chested Deol Bae, and a bald fully clothed stocky built Wudalchi. ES is watching the fight excitedly flanked by Daeman and Deokman. By the way, I love the music in this scene - so medieval English. 

Initially Deol Bae was being creamed by the bald guy's kicks, making ES and the gang scream worriedly.
Into this scene walks Star Wars Daejang, wearing a slight smile on his face. As Daejang walks by, Deol Bae starts creaming the bald guy. Daejang looks up to see ES cheering and clapping excitedly.


Deol Bae wins and high five's ES with both hands. Deok Man tries to join in, but is waved off by DB. DB goes on to shake Daeman's hand, pleased.

It's now Deokman's turn to fight apparently. ES hits Deokman's chest and warns him not to lose. He assures her not to worry. As Deokman was about to start, he comes face to face with a grim faced Daejang. CY orders them to continue, and Deokman is delighted to start his fight.

ES looks at CY with a smile, and CY starts signalling with his head movements, asking her to go inside. She asks why.

He doesn't answer but walks off, expecting her to follow obviously. She pulls a face glumly, looking at him from the corner of her eye. (ES pouting is too cute... would make a great gif or picture). She rolls her eyes, making an exasperated expression.


NEXT SCENE - Warning! Gif Overload. Embrace your browser again!
Daejang's Room

CY walks in briskly followed by ES. He turns to confront her. Didn't she come here to hide? He demands.She insists that she is hiding, but he asks sarcastically, "Amidst all of them?"

ES says she was told it was alright since they are all Wudalchi. CY wants to know who said that. She doesn't answer him directly. Instead she tells him that she had planned to go to the royal medical office that day but she was told that they needed Daejang's permission. "So we were waiting, Daejang." She says with puppy dog eyes.

She continues to explain that she needs to get some herbs from the royal medical office, and also some antidotes that she had been testing. "May I go, Daejang?"
CY stays serious telling her not to go alone and to take a group with her. And once she has gotten the things she needs, she is to sit in the room quietly and continue her research.

She nods, wearing a serious but playful expression, "Understood, Daejang."

He continues to look serious, but now she breaks into a wide grin, obviously very happy to see him. She asks why he came. She smiles prettily asking, "Just to see me?"

He purses his lower lip slightly, and still refuses to smile. How could you, daejang, when that pretty lady is smiling so beautifully for you. He tells her he will be a little late that day.

She nods, her expression serious now. "Yes, Daejang."

He tells her there is something he needs to take care of. She breaks into a huge huge smile, "I will be waiting, Daejang."

Now he cannot resist her any longer. A shadow of a smile adorns his face, as he steps closer towards a beaming ES. He gets really close, that her smile changes into a gaping surprised expression.

He stares down at her with his slight smile, "That word, Daejang... say it one more time." Wheeeeeeee!

She looks up at him cheekily, "Dae-jang?"

He looks down at her, his eyes narrowing, his expression serious but with faint traces of a smile. He leans down, his eyes narrowing further as he looks at her lips. She is pretty flustered now.

But a commotion is heard, and just before CY's lips could descend any further, we see clueless CS standing at the door calling for Daejang. (Grrr CS.. I don't think I can ever forgive you for barging in like that and spoiling our 'very' moment.)

CY and ES both turn to look at him, and CS is all glassy eyed. (If you guys read manga, this is the part where the character's eyes go all O--O) CS announces that all preparations have been made.

ES looks back at CY questioningly but CY can only look at her. ES smiles cutely, and then salutes him as he starts to leave. (LOL I love ES's expressions in this scene.. particularly this one so hope you're making those gifs!)

She makes the cutes little pout as he leaves. Once he's out the door she puts her hand on her forehead, and then checks her pulse, looking worried. 

To @WutHmone (from sia)

I love it how you cover him up :'( :'( :'( But I still hate him for ruining my doki doki moment! HeyHeyPig Baby Emoticons 49 Baybaypig Emoticons 105

And because we did not get what we want, we have to resort to this...


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