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Faith Recap ~ Episode 21 (Part 2)

Recap by azzurri
Gifs by WutHmone and Sia3

SCENE CUTS to Palace Hallway

The King is walking with Do Chi when he meets GC.

The King is visibly irritated as GC asks if it is still impossible for him to meet ES. The King reminds him that he had already told GC that he sent ES away. GC is not allowed to see ES just yet.

GC insolently answers that if that is the case, he will have to find her himself.He bows and the King walks off. The King pauses mid-walk, turns back to look at GC who also walks off in the opposite direction.

Royal Medical Office

The Pledged Siblings just burst into the Royal Medical Office, slashing and burning everyone and everything in their path.

Deogi hides in a corner, horrified. HSI notices movement, and comes near but decides to ignore it and move on.

They continue slashing and burning, and finally reach ES's room and enters into it.

SCENE immediately cuts to Wudalchi Barracks Compound

ES is relating the legendary Korean folktale, The Legend Of Chun Hyang (check out Delightful Girl ChunHyang starring Han Chae Young and Jae Hee if you haven't. So good!) to the eagerly listening Wudalchi. There is DB, Deokman, JungHo and 3 other unnamed Wudalchi.

"So Magistrate Byeon took Chunhyang away! But what could she do? Because he's the Magistrate she couldn't do anything. Now we're at the Magistrate's house...  Magistrate Byeon is sitting high up there, and Chunhyang is sitting in the dirt yard, tied up. So Magistrate Byeon asked 'Chunhyang, will you become my mistress?'"

DeokMan is appalled, "So bastards like that don't just exist here!"

As ES continues, "But do you know what Chunhyang answered? I refuse! Like that!", we see Deogi coming up towards them.

The puppies all burst out laughing at her story, just as Deogi starts pulling at ES's arm and pointing toward the royal medical office, visibly distraught. Deogi leads all of them there, and ES is shocked at the death and devastation she finds there.

DB immediately takes charge, ordering Deokman to protect ES while he and JungHo investigate.

DB and JH carefully pushes open the door to ES's room and enters stealthily. There are broken pots and furniture everywhere. JH enters further looking at all the destruction, and then suddenly his eyes chances on something and he gapes in shock, and calls DB. DB goes in further, looking down at something and looks visibly saddened.

ES walks the path towards her room, finding more medical personnel dead here and there. She staggers on and is met by DB and JH.
DB tells her that the perpetrators had already left. He hands over one of her bacterial culture pots, and tells her sadly that JB was hiding it in his hands. ES's lips tremble as she asks what he means. What about JB?
DB looks down regretfully and it is actually JH who tells her that JB has passed away.

ES is stunned. DG is distraught and tries to push pass the two Wudalchi to enter ES's room but they stop her.
DB tells ES that they have to return to HQ immediately as they do not know when the attackers may return again.
ES suddenly starts to try to push through them as well, shouting that she has to see JB. But DB tells her that JB had been attacked by those with inner force, and if the attackers return the Wudalchi will not be able to hold them back. DB shuts his eyes in obvious regret for telling ES this, and ES breaks down in tears of grief.

She recalls how JB examined her puncture wound and tells her that it looks like a flying insect from Japan, and that she has been poisoned. He had told her of the course the poison would take, and that he would try to make an antidote. Can it be made? She had asked. JB answers that they have to try. How would they know without trying?


This is a tribute to the kind of man that Jang Bin was.


Upright, highly principled, courageous, infinitely patient and calm even in facing adversity.
A true physician, a warrior when need be, a true friend to both ES and CY.

As ES cries, holding the bacterial culture JB gave his life to protect, all of us Faithlings too, mourn his passing. If only he wasn't killed off like that, but unfortunately we all knew and understood why it had to be so. Phillip Lee, hope you recover as good as new very soon, and that we'll see you in a new drama soon!  (I hope you guys will do a nice memorial for our favorite Goryeo physician, since I will be away when these recaps are posted. *cries*)

Tribute written by azzurri
Quote suggested by farstrep
We see Spear Boy running around a wooden building, and then coming across HSI. He attacks HSI with his spear, but she does some kind of ballet piroutte-like movement in slow-mo, and puts her Firehand on his shoulder, burning it. Spear Boy's face contorts in pain as we hear the sizzle of burning flesh while HSI smiles at him cruelly.

Archer Boy shoots an arrow at HSI, causing her to let Spear Boy go. Archer Boy shoots more arrows at her until finally HSI catches one in her hand. In the midst of all of this, Spear Boy makes a run for it feebly. Archer Boy helps Spear Boy escape, as HSI and EumJa who suddenly comes out of nowhere, looks on. Then EJ trudges after them, as HSI keeps standing there looking at the arrow in her hand.


GC is walking with DH and talking.

GC is telling DH to stay at Jeongdong Haengsong (Yuan Institution to prep for Japan invasion). He says that even though the King has lost his senses, he wouldn't be able to attack Yuan's building.

GC opens a door, and as DH starts to step through the door he is stopped by GC who warns him to not even think of pulling any tricks. GC will do all the thinking. DH answers that, that is what he wanted anyway. He leaves. GC does not look convince at all, but closes the door.


CY is talking to CS, as they are walking in the hallway, with a group of Wudalchi (including Daeman) following along.
CY instructs that all doors have to be guarded. The fact that GC stalled, is making him suspicious. CS is to make sure no one gets out. CY, Daeman and another Wudalchi enter GC's room where GC is standing on a higher platform with his back towards them. GC turns around to face CY.

CY says he has come to see DH as he heard that DH is in that room.

GC doesn't answer but instead says, "You were one of them, weren't you?" Oooh loony bin, here he comes.

CY asks again more forcefully, "Where is Prince Deok Heung?"

GC comes down and tells him that he had conducted a thorough investigation. Starting from JIS to every Wudalchi who had been at the portal that day, and they had all said the same thing. The portal to heaven had opened, and CY had brought ES from heaven through that portal. And even the King himself, had witnessed it.

CY has only a trace of a smile on his face as he instructs Daeman to tell the Wudalchi waiting in the courtyard to search every corner of GC's house. He turns to look at a fuming GC as he says that he already obtained authority from the King to do so. Daeman leaves to carry out his orders.

GC, still stuck to his obsession asks when did they all come together to concoct such a story? Did CY supply the contents? GC doesn't think so. He closes his eyes as he says, "As expected, that treacherous witch..."

How can Daejang stand it if someone insults his beloved. He interrupts GC and warns him to watch what he says. Prince DH will be interrogated for the crime of kidnapping the Queen.

CS comes in breathlessly interrupting them, telling CY that a carriage had just left the premises not too long ago. The Wudalchi are currently following it.

CY does not even turn, but instructs him (correctly) not lose them as they are probably headed to the Jeongdong Haengsong.
GC keeps making incredulous faces, and CY warns him that if he keeps being in cahoots with DH, even he will not survive. Be careful.
He turns to leave, but grabs GC's arm that had lifted as if to attack him. The Wudalchi bodyguard already has his hand on his sword hilt.

GC asks CY to let him meet ES. He is almost pleading with CY to tell him where ES is. He will not kill her, he just needs to ask her something.

CY turns to look at him, and asks, "So what is it you're planning to do without killing her? Considering all you have done until now, I cannot allow you to see her."

CY lets go of GC's arm and walks off followed by his Wudalchi, leaving a fuming but determined GC.

Daeman is on a tree, observing a carriage driving by. He leaps down from the tree, to get on the carriage and gets rid of the driver. He stops the carriage, as several Wudalchi jumps out of the underbrush with their swords drawn. (Sigh, all this drawing of swords is suddenly making me think of the Battousai. Eh, @farstrep chingu? Heheh.)

Daeman reaches to draw away the curtains covering the carriage revealing our most hated DH goon who gives a nervous fearful little laugh. (Goon as in Prince, and goon as in the English meaning for goon. LOL)


sia3 says:
*Ding* *Ding* *Ding* Our Top model with natural beauty is non other than Duck HindAss.



Lee Saek is talking to two others, trying to convince them. He tells them that war is not the king's ultimate objective. They are only increasing their forces as a precautionary measure.

One of them speaks up and says that the king has been questionable from the beginning, to Lee Saek's consternation. He goes on to say that the king does not care for his people, only for his pride! He is so anxious every day, and he can hardly stand it any longer.
Scholar Jae Hyun (ahh i forgot his name! Please correct if it is wrong!) interrupts the conversation, suggesting that they meet up with the Yuan Envoy to discuss the matter. The other minister makes a loud grant and looks at his colleague.

SCENE abruptly changes
to CY walking along the Palace Hallway with CS. It is obviously night time. CY pauses at a door, almost like he's listening in, looks at CS and decides to walk on.

As he turns the corner, he sees the King and greets him. CY asks, isn't the King going in to the council?
The King smiles and tells him that it is a bit noisy, so he has been avoiding them.
CY nods with a slight smile and tells the king that they have caught DH, and wants to know when the king wants to begin the interrogation.

The King thinks for a moment, and begins to say, "Today.." as he looks at CY. CY cues him by giving a very very subtle shake of his head. And the King understood continues, " Today, I must deal with those men in there, so I will begin early tomorrow morning."


CY smiles slightly again and says he will make preparations. Both him and CS bow to the King. And turns to leave.

Suddenly the King speaks up to tell him that JB had been attacked. CY turns back to look at the King. The King continues, "It looks like he was attacked by those looking for the high physician."

CY asks if JB was hurt. The king says sadly that they have lost him. CY looks stunned. 


The King continues, telling CY that ES must be in great distress. The King had heard that JB had been her only friend in Goryeo. The camera focuses on CY's face, whose expression is unreadable. (At least I don't know what he's thinking, but can assume that he is concerned for ES).


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