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Faith Recap ~ Episode 21 (Part 3)

Recap by azzurri
Gifs by WutHmone & Sia3

CY is again walking the palace hallway followed by CS.

Deol Bae runs toward them, to tell Daejang about JB but Daejang had already heard. DB goes on to say that the Suribang were also attacked. This halts Daejang and CS in their tracks. A few of the Suribang were hurt, they're told.
CY asks if it was GC, and DB tells him that it was the Pledged Siblings themselves. CY walks off followed by CS and DB.

Scene cuts to a dark room
DeokMan, DB and JH enter and find 2 people (probably Suribang) passed out or dead, with burned wounds on their backs and necks. DB tells CY in voiceover, that the Pledged Siblings were looking for ES, and tortured a few of the Suribangs for information.

Scene cuts again to the Wudalchi Barracks
Daejang enters the Barracks hurriedly, and pauses in his step as he looks up and sees the light from his room window.

He enters his room, and sees ES with a grief stricken expression on her face, sitting at a table with various assortments of herbs and other things. She is trying to chop something with some sort of knife, but half-heartedly, as he enters.

She turns to see him enter, and says weakly, "You're here." She continues trying to chop the dried herbs as she keeps talking, "I know the smell of the medicine is strong." She keeps chopping and then stares blankly at something unseen in front of her as she tells him, her voice breaking, "They said I can't go into the medical ward; so I'll work here, I'm sorry."

She continues chopping and putting the chopped herbs into a basket as he comes near, not saying a word, but just looking down at her. She starts to tell him about JB but he interrupts and says he heard.

She says tearfully that JB had been her teacher. He approaches her with a piece of cloth in his hand, kneels down beside her taking her hand and starts wiping them as she talks. "He was a friend who always listened to what I had to say. But.. I'm afraid he was killed because of me."

She suddenly gets up to show him her pot of bacterial culture. She tells him that JB was protecting her antidote when he died. She opens the pot and shows him that it was the only culture that showed reaction. She still needs to wait longer, and still does not know if it will work, but there was a reaction.

He takes the pot away from her, puts the lid on and puts it aside. Then he turns her around and begins to undo her armor.

She keeps talking, "He must have passed away, protecting this... They said he was hiding it in his hands. So Physician Jang was killed by people looking for me... Because of me... If it wasn't for me... So... I killed him." Her voice is breaking and she is on the verge of tears, but he says nothing and removes her armor.

"I killed him," she says. He slams down her armor, grabs her hand and pulls her toward the bed. He puts her to bed, literally lifting her in and tells her to sleep when she tries to resist. He tucks her in, and then sits on a chair beside her bed.

He looks at her whose head is turned away from him, briefly then turns to stare ahead and begins to speak. "I was 16 when I killed a person for the first time. He was a foreigner, and everyone around me praised me. Saying how I killed him with skill, great courage, with one blow..." His eyes glisten as he recalls. (Gasp! Swoon! Daejang is so hot here even though he looks like a Naboo council member.. so be trigger happy with those gifs, chingus!)

He continues, "So at first, I became excited,and I was proud of myself. But that night, I couldn't get any sleep at all. I was shivering from the cold. It was so cold. But it wasn't cold." She finally turns to look at him as he talked on, "Cause it as in the middle of June..""You remember the date?" She asks.

"I remember the date, and I remember the face of the one I killed," he answers.

"Even the second?"

"No," he answers, "Starting from the second one, this is how I remember them, another one, and then another, another one..." His voice is very quiet. "That's how I know. Saying you killed someone is not something you should say so easily."

She looks at him thoughtfully, and he finally turns to look at her asking if she heard what he said. She answers quietly that she did.
He nods slightly and tells her to go to sleep.

He sighs and looks away, while she keeps looking at him grieving silently.

Both daejang and imja need a hug. Group hugs, girls!
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Wudalchi Barracks

A Wudalchi guard on duty sounds a horn, announcing the arrival of dawn.

Scene shifts to Daejang's room, and Daejang is straightening his Naboo tunic while ES is still sleeping on her bed.

ES is awakened by the sound of the horn, and turns to lie on her stomach, putting her hand under her chin on her pillow, as she smiles to herself whilst looking (and admiring) her Daejang's broad shoulders.

He turns and bends down to look at the bacterial culture in the pot. ES keeps on staring at him, and she says silently to him as she smiles, "I'm here."

He covers the pot and takes his sword, unsheathing it slightly (Battousai! LOL) as she continues her thoughts, "Starting now, once I count to three, turn around and look at me."

He lifts up his half unsheathed sword to look at the blade, as she counts. "One. Two. Three." As she counts she puts her head dreamily on her pillow. At the count of three, he actually turns to look at her but she doesn't see it.

He sheathes his sword loudly, which alerts her and she lifts her head as she opens her eyes. He startles her, by kneeling right beside her.

He tells her if she wakes up late in the barracks, there won't be any food left. "I'll be back."
She smiles, lifts her head slightly from her pillow and gives a little salute. He gets up, turns and walks toward the door.
She lifts her head higher in anticipation as she counts again, "One, two, three."

He turns, and she smiles brightly and happily, and he smiles right back at her. After leaves, she smiles to herself into her pillow. Ahhh it is a happy morning for Daejang and Imja, despite all the sadness.

Extra Treasures from 1-2-3
Treasure #1
Treasure #2

The Palace Dungeon

Daejang enters the Palace Dungeon accompanied by DB and DeokMan. He announces to DH that his chingook (royal interrogation) is about to begin, and he will be DH's escort. 

He comes right into DH's face and asks for the antidote for the last time. DH plays coy, first asking what antidote, and then asking if ES will be returned to him if he gives the antidote.

CY just gives him a staredown, then orders his men to search every inch of DH. He turns to leave, but in a moment is joined by DH and the two Wudalchi. CY is told that there was nothing found on DH's person, and DH just smirks in pleasure. (Urghh I hate that smirk! I want to cut that smirk out of his face!)

Suddenly we see Sohn Yoo and his entourage entering the dungeon. He address CY, asking if he is Hogun CY. CY turns and demands why there are Yuan soldiers in Goryeo territory.

SY announces that DH is currently a 2nd rank official of the Jeongdong Haengseong. Therefore if he has committed any crime, interrogation will be done by Jeongdong Haengseong officials, and not Goryeo's. This is the law, he says.

DH gives the most annoying triumphant smirk, and with a raise of his eyebrows steps forward to join SY and his men.


CY stops them by asking why SY wanted to have ES killed. If she were so famous that Yuan had heard of her, SY would have taken her to Yuan. So why did he just want to kill her?
SY looks at him and tells him that when he meets with the woman who is called the high physician, he will explain to her himself.

Then CY wants to know how SY knows his name. He is just one of a handful of generals, and lately he hasn't even been around the King. SY tells him that the information he obtained when reaching Goryeo was that, to prevent the King from becoming a tiger, they have to get rid of CY who is the claw.Then the King can be tamed as a cat.

CY asks if he has come to defeat the King, but SY answers heavily that he has yet to decide. He does not yet know which side he should defeat. SY turns and leaves, taking DH with him.


CY enters the King's office and greets the King. He tells the King that he had done as the King commanded, and handed DH to the Yuan envoy. The King acknowledges that it must have been difficult for CY.
CY asks if the King is certain of his decision. Once it is known that DH had been taken by the Yuan envoy, is the King sure that the councilors will side with him? The King says he has to try.

CY reminds the King that Jeongdong Haengseong belongs to GC and is the center of Yuan's influence. They have taken DH there, which means they are planning to attack the King soon. The King affirms that he knows this. CY asks the King to let him have some troops, and let him attack Jeongdong Haengseong before they attack the King.

The King insists that he will need the councilors' approval, but CY insists that it is not necessary.

But gently and firmly, the king tells him that it is necessary for him, the King. 

CY says they will do anything as long as it is for their own benefit. The King answers that they may use hired soldiers, but the King uses his own people. Therefore the King needs time. The King is insistent but looks uncertain, and it is obvious that CY disapproves.
Jeongdong Haenseong - The Yuan Institution to prepare for Japanese Invasion

GC is having a meeting, apparently presided by DH and attended by Goryeo lords who are allies of GC. GC tells them that the King has around 2000 royal troops and including the Wudalchi, there is not that much of a difference in the number.


Minister JaeHyun is telling the King that if they combine all the forces of the Yuan allies, they outnumber Goryeo multiple times over. If they combine forces, it will be difficult to win.

The King says that as long as they exist, their plan cannot be enforced.


GC throws two thick books on the table and tells them that it contains everything that the King is currently trying to obtain. The King wants to steal all their slaves and land, and then declare war against Yuan.


The King is telling the councilors that if Yuan attacks, they will need to fight them at the borders, and against GC's allies within the country. The King asks if the councilors are just waiting for that to happen? The Yuan are now protecting the person who kidnapped the Queen. They have the justification they need, and they must not lose this opportunity.


GC announces, as he goes to stand by DH's side, that he is thinking of replacing the King. He gestures to a smirking (*stab* *stab* *stab*) DH and says that under this new king, they will continue to prosper and safeguard Goryeo for generations to come. (Yeah, right. Safe guard my Richard Simmons! LOL)

And DH literally rises in his seat to 'try' to look regal and royal, with that annoying smirk on his face. I swear if he were a peacock, he would have started strutting his plumage. Urghh. Thank God the screencappers cover his face, really feel like hitting it.

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