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Faith Recap ~ Episode 21 (Part 4)

Recap by azzurri
Gifs by WutHmone & Sia3

Another meeting room - Hogun Ahn Jae and Hogun CY are discussing surrounded by Wudalchi and Imperial Guards. 

Hogun Ahn Jae is explaining that there are not many Yuan soldiers within Goryeo borders, only about a hundred. CY says that the problem is in what Ssangseong's reaction will be once they attack. He asks if anyone knows what the situation is in Ssangseong.


Suddenly CY looks up, and everyone gets up and bows. The King enters with DC. 
CY asks the King what happened at his meeting. The King answers not yet, and takes a seat. The officers also take their seats.
The King continues, "The councilors were unable to come to a decision." And the camera pans out to show the expressions of Daejang, Ahn Jae and CS - one irritated, one stoic and the other thoughtful or blurr, take your pick. And DB's expression is hilarious.

The King says he will meet each councilor personally and persuade them, and asks that they wait a little longer.

Ahn Jae tells the King that with a plan such as theirs, time is of the essence. If they allow time to pass and information to leak, the borders will become dangerous.

The King knows this, but insists that he cannot proceed without the assent of the councilors.

CY is visibly irritated and lets out an exasperated sigh.



The King enters, followed by Dochi, then CY and CS.

CY doesn't waste time and immediately starts to talk. CY reminds the king of his plan to use DH as bait to attack Jeongdong Haengseong, which is why he had asked CY not to lay a finger on DH.

The King can't even bring himself to face the angry Daejang. He affirms what CY says and asks if CY thinks he is comfortable with this arrangement?

CY counters, "Did you throw the bait without a fishing rod?" which makes the King turn to face CY. 

"Do you even know how to fish?" Asks a visibly upset CY.

The king tries to explain that since he is a King, he needs justification.

CY comes closer, rage still evident in his eyes. "Please make one up quickly, that justification."

The king asks, should he give CY an order? He does not need a justification, so simply capture DH and bring him to the Palace. His rage has not abated, so kill DH. The King adds that if he ordered CY to do just that, CY would do it, no matter what.

The King turns away wistfully and asks CY if CY remembers when he first arrived. On the first night they were attacked, CY had asked him if he would stay behind CY without running away even though he was afraid. In that way CY would be able to protect him. An so he did, and CY had fought in his stead to protect him.

CY tries to speak up, but at this point the King turns back to him and asks forcefully, "Until when, should I continue hiding behind you?"
I love when the King says this. It shows that the King is truly coming into his own, becoming a King in his own right, with his own ideas and thoughts. He is no longer the young immature King looking at his Wudalchi Daejang for directions,  and opinions. He has begun to form his own, and his own beliefs and goals. He is after all a King, and therefore his priorities should be different from a warrior or a soldier. After all a soldier deals with war and defending against enemies, but a King must think about his country as a whole, and it's people and what is best for them.

"So is that why you need justification and not me?" Asks CY. Ahhh somehow that sounds so sad, as if CY is sad that the King does not seem to need him anymore. Although I think, CY should actually be pleased that he chose the right King to serve, and that King is learning to make wise decisions on his own. He should perhaps even feel proud, as a mentor to his prodigee. ;)


The King answers,"Somehow, I want to avoid spilling blood to take down Lord Deokseong. That way, we can concentrate on the north." The King pauses, then asks almost gently if CY can wait a little while longer.

CY's stoic facade seems to soften a little as he tells the King that he understands.

The King tells CY that he heard that it was GC's people who killed JB. CY affirms it. 

The King asks CY to capture the people responsible. He is not to kill them, but to bring them back alive. CY acquiesces to the King's command.

As he bows, then turns with CS to leave, suddenly his sword goes crashing to the ground to the utter shock of everyone present including CY himself. CS looks clearly stunned. CY stares at the King for awhile, and then picks up his sword, bows and leaves.

The King stares after them wonderingly.



ES is telling the Queen that her impression is that the Queen is fine. The Queen's pulse is strong and she does not seem to have caught any infection. DG will make a tonic for the Queen, and ES asks that she takes it.

The Queen smiles and agrees. Then the Queen carefully tells ES that there is something she would like to ask, to which ES urges her to do so.

The Queen said that the previous time, ES had told her about the knowledge of the heavens. She had spoken about how much the King loves her, the Queen, and what would happen if she were to leave him first.

The Queen knows that ES knew about this, and also that her womb is weak.

ES is a little unsure how to reply but the Queen interrupts to ask if she will share another piece of knowledge from heaven.

The Queen asks, and this time we can see it is difficult for her, "The King and I.. When will we be able to have our next child?"

ES is at a loss for words as the Queen asks,"We will conceive another child, yes?"

As ES tries to address the Queen, another question,"By any chance, will I leave first? From the King's side? Is that why you told me such a thing that time?"

ES's eyes are already glistening, and she is thinking what to say, when the door slides open, and LC interrupts them. LC is asking for ES, and ES almost gratefully, gets up and takes her leave from the Queen.

The Queen is left to ponder the unanswered questions.

Outside, LC hands over a letter from the Yuan envoy to ES. ES hands it back to LC, saying that her Hanja is weak. But LC says that the envoy wanted ES to read it herself, alone. And that he is waiting for her.

ES takes back the letter and opens it. What she reads, stuns her. LC notices and asks if she is all right.

With wide startled eyes, ES turns to LC and asks where the Yuan envoy is.


ES enters the room and is shown to SY who is sitting, reading at a table. ES slams down the letter he sent and demands to know whether he wrote the letter himself.

SY is unperturbed and does not even lift his eyes away from his book. He affirms that he wrote it.

ES asks if he knows what it says. He closes his book and looks at her. He asks her in return whether she knows what the letters are.

She just stares at him, not knowing what to make of it (and her ears wiggle! LOL So cute!)
NEXT SCENE - WITHIN GAEGYONG (although the place looks very much like the place where the King was staying while in forced exile before).

The two pledged siblings are walking, when they chance upon Noodle who was stalking them from behind the building walls. Noodle shows himself, and smiles at them and leaves, which prompts EJ to give chase while HSI decides to run in another direction. ( I don't know if you all agree, but HSI runs funny. So unwarriorlike.)

She runs into a clearing and is suddenly attacked from above by Noodle. They do some kind of ballet pirouetting that's supposed to be fighting, and HSI takes off the glove from her Firehand and smiles sinisterly at Noodle. Noodle just sneers back at her.

Noodle lunges toward HSI but is intercepted by EJ, who puts his sword on Noodle's neck.

HSI tells Noodle that she knows he is part of the Suribang, as she has seen him before.

Noodle says he will give them ES's location in return for 100 nyang. The pledged siblings look at each other questioningly.

Noodle leads them to some other part of the city, and we can see that HSI is uneasy about this.

EJ tries to use his supersonic hearing, but can only hear the sound of red mung beans being shaken. The sound seems to emanate from everywhere, and EJ has to give up. He signals his failure to HSI by shaking his head.

Noodle leads them into an empty building. After they enter to look around, they hear a door squeaking shut. EJ immediately tries the doors and windows and find them all blocked.

HSI is annoyed that they are being played with. She removes her gloves, announcing that she will burn down the house.

EJ tells her to wait, noticing something strange. He touches the black liquid making marks on the walls, and smells it. He turns to HSI and tells her it is oil. He gives a little laugh as he tells her as he looks around that they have sprayed oil all over the house.

HSI laughs delightedly saying that whoever did it made a big effort. 


We can see that the doors and windows have been blocked by pieces of wood wedged against them.

Then we see CY and Daeman walking hurriedly. CY is saying "I told you not to harm them."

Daeman tells CY that they didn't fight the Pledged Siblings, only trapped them inside the building. They rush to the site, just as one of the doors is burst open by EJ.

As EJ steps out he is met with a flurry of arrows. He looks up to see Wudalchi on the balconies of the adjoining buildings, and Wudalchi on the ground with their bows and arrows in readiness, pointed at him.

EJ tries to play his flute but has to use his flute to defend himself from a new flurry of arrows. He is joined by HSI who is holding what looks like an apple in her hand.

She looks up at the archers, and then throws the 'apple' which is intercepted by Daejang with a flick of his sword, and the 'apple' explodes. For the first time, HSI looks visibly worried.

Daejang approaches them accompanied by Daeman and Noodle. He asks them if they invaded the medical office and murdered JB and his medical attendants.

HSI asks what he would do if they said yes.

CY answers that they will throw away their weapons and allow the Wudalchi to arrest them.

HSI and EJ both smile slightly, not taking CY seriously. At that moment, Wudalchi standing on top of the adjacent buildings start throwing containers of oil that break causing the oil to flow out, all around the Pledged Siblings.

Now HSI looks visibly afraid, as she tries to avoid the ceramic containers. Daejang gives a slight smirk watching them.

HSI and EJ stare up at the Wudalchi archers who all have their bows and arrows trained at them. 

CY tells them that if they use fire, they will become a mass of flames first. So stop playing tricks.

HSI tells him that this method is cowardly. She says it is unlike him, and suggests that they fight one on one.

CY just gives a small laugh and asks why would he want to do that.

EJ gets ready to play his flute, but Daejang swiftly tosses his sword to Daeman and takes a bow and arrow from a Wudalchi standing beside him. He shoots an arrow at EJ causing EJ to twirl around to avoid it.

After that CY aims another arrow which goes right through HSI's sleeve and impales her sleeve to the building behind her. He shoots another arrow that penetrates her cape, firmly holding her trapped against the wall.

EJ lifts his flute to his mouth again determinedly once he sees what happened to his Samho. But CY shoots another arrow at him, this time causing the flute to be flung from his hand.

CY, Daeman and Noodle approaches them, and EJ comes to stand in front of the helpless HSI, but Daejang just puts his sword to EJ's neck.

He turns to HSI and tells her to throw away their weapons and surrender themselves.

HSI narrows her eyes at him as several Wudalchi come up to apprehend EJ.

Suddenly CY's hand and sword start to shake violently, to CY's own utter shock, and he looks up to see that HSI noticed it too. He quickly turns away and sheathes his sword.

CY turns to look at HSI, and asks Daeman for a vial of oil. He goes up to HSI and says since she likes playing with fire so much.. and starts pouring the oil on her clothes. EJ, on seeing this tries to help her but he is being held firmly by several Wudalchi with swords pointed to his neck.

Once done dousing her with oil, CY orders them to be taken away. He leaves, with a EJ literally shaking with anger and HSI, her expression grim, staring after him.
imageCY walks a little away, flexing and extending the fingers of his right hand. He sits down, keeps flexing and extending, passing his sword from right to left and back again, wondering what is wrong.




SY says to her, "So you know how to read the letters."

ES asks him if he knows what the letters say.

He doesn't answer her, but instead tells her that if she did not know those letters, she would not have come running to see him. Especially since he wanted her to be executed.

ES asks, "So if I know what it says, are you going to call me wicked and call for a public execution again?"

SY says if he did, she wouldn't tell him the truth and she affirms this.

SY suggest that once they rise from their seats, they are going to pretend that their conversation never happened. She agrees.

SY puts his hand on the note he sent her and asks her what the letters on it says.

She asks whether he can read it or not. But he says that he only wrote them down from memory.

She asks where he saw this before, and SY tells her it was written in his great great grandfather's journal. The letters were written in one corner of a page. It looked like his great great grandfather had copied it from somewhere.

She stares at him, as he relates the story and the scene changes to the one in her dream when she was ill from poison previously. "In that journal, there was a story of a woman who used instruments of the heavens and medicines of this world to heal people. There are stories of people who should have died being saved by that woman."

She asks if there is something wrong with that.

The flashback sequence shows ES treating a little boy while his mother looks on, amidst baskets of herbs and also her surgical instruments half wrapped in clean cloth.

SY explains that one of the people the woman saved went on to become the leader of a band of robbers, who returned and killed everyone in his village. "There is something wrong with that, don't you think?" He asks.

She is still speechless.

SY continues that his great great grandfather had left this message: if a woman ever appears claiming to be from the heavens, kill her immediately and bring peace to the world. Then SY asks ES what she thinks of his story.

ES is too stunned to say a word. SY asks if she has ever saved a person that she shouldn't have.

She looks at him now, and her expression is one of determined confidence. "I am a physician. To a physician, there is no such thing as a person who shouldn't be saved." This is a mark of a true doctor. Doctors don't sit in judgement over right and wrong when facing an ill patient. Doctors' only obligation is to use whatever knowledge they have to save lives. Good or evil, wrong or right, those are the realm of the law and the courts to determine. What would happen in this world if doctors could choose to refuse to treat people they dislike? No, there is such a thing as a doctor's ethics, which SY does not understand.

SY asks again whether ES came from the heavens.

ES's face is blank when she answers, "No." Of course not, you silly man. She doesn't come from the sky, but from the Earth. But an Earth of the future.

Then SY asks for the meaning of the written letters.

She says that it says, "What are you doing there?" when in actual fact, it is her name written there. =Eun Soo= is actually what is written there. And perhaps this, plus the plastic canister from a hundred years ago that she found, maybe what leads Eun Soo to suspect what is actually going on with her, her journal etc and her being in this some sort of time loop.


Aunt is taking out several different ceramic bottles. She tells him that she obtained all kinds of antidote, but it doesn't seem to be an antidote to the type of poison ES contracted.

CY asks if there is anything else that may help - maybe to delay symptoms or prevent pain.

Aunt picks up one bottle with a pink cover and tells him that this one is supposed to dull pain. Before she can finish speaking, CY has already grabbed the bottle and asks for anything else.

Aunt is also exasperated, as she is unsure if any of her medications would have any effect on the poison.

CY tells her urgently that there is no time. He had left her alone the whole day and he now needs to go back.

He grabs the other bottle, asking hurriedly about it.



Daejang enters the barracks hurriedly. As he enters the building, he hears her voice ring out asking the men to line up for a moment. And then his men's laughter follows.

The camera shows us that the Wudalchi are queuing while holding out bowls for her to pour liquid into. She explains that it is called raisin tree tea. The surrounding areas are covered with these trees. In heaven this tea is frequently drank to get rid of fatigue.

ES goes on explaining to them cheerily that she tried making it herself, so after this they should boil it according to the instructions she had left and share it with the other members.

As she is rattling on, Daejang is watching curiously.

ES smiles at Deokman who is assisting her and tells him that she has prepared plenty of the ingredients they would need. DeokMan is all smiles telling ES not to worry, he understands.
As she is busy pouring out more tea, the men realize that Daejang is there and makes way for him. He walks toward ES.

ES smiles at him and welcomes him, praising him for his good work that day. She asks if he would like some raisin tree tea as it is used to treat fatigue.

He listens to her unsmilingly, and when she offers, he holds out his hand. Daeman who is standing beside him, quickly puts a bowl in his hand and CY hands it over to ES who pours the tea for him.
He drinks it all in one gulp as his men watch, nervously.

When he's done, he smiles his half smile to the relief and happiness of his men and ES. (It's amazing how all the puppies are just on tenterhooks waiting for their Daejang's stamp of approval. And how they all smile so broadly and happily at his reaction.)
Daejang just stands there looking at ES, and his smile grows bigger and bigger by the moment. He even lifts an eyebrow as he smiles and holds out his bowl again. Ahh it is a scene that does the heart much good to see Daejang smile like that. And to see a happy scene like this. My friends, don't forget the gifs here, especially that raised eyebrow.


ES is doing some work with her antidote. Suddenly she recalls what SY said to her.
"Do not save nor kill anything. Will you be able to live without touching anything... in this world?"

In her mind, she had answered him, "Do you know how hard I've tried to live like that?"

SY tells her it does not matter whether she came from heaven or not.

She continues thinking to herself, "All I did was treat wounds that weren't life threatening, making things like soap, that's how carefully I've been living."

SY watches her closely as he continues,"If there are harmful elements in the world, it is the duty of leadership to eliminate them."

Having thought deeply, ES makes a decision and looks up at SY. She tells him,"I don't know about the world, but I do know something about people's bodies. People must be exposed to some dangers in order to get stronger. That way they will build up their immunity and resistance. That's why I want to ask, asking me to live quietly because it may be dangerous to the world, what kind of ridiculous logic is that?" Yay for ES. Tell it to him like it is! This is what I love so much about ES, her spunk and bravery, even when backed to a wall.

SY seems to heave in subtle frustration, then gets up and turns to look out a window. He says he understands what she is saying.

She speaks up again, her voice louder and stronger this time. "History may change because of me? So what? Did I come from another world? If I live here, this is my world!" Wow ES.. it is no wonder Daejang loves you.

She gives an exasperated sigh and continues, "The more I think about how I lived hardly breathing, the more it pisses me off." Hehehe.. I wonder if SY understands the term 'pisses me off'. LOL

SY turns to look at her. She gets up and practically demands, "What? Still want to kill me? Try it," she challenges,"And I'll do everything in my power to live." Yeah! ES! You go girl! Tell him to eat dirt! LOL

SY just stares at her.

Daejang looks like he just came in from a bath, as he wipes his hands on a piece of cloth. He is wearing just his black undergarment kimono like robe.

As he pulls a chair, probably to sleep on it, ES gets up and grabs the back of the chair from him. (Wheee they look like they are wearing couple pyjamas. Both in black robes.)

She tells him that tonight he should straighten his back and sleep on the bed. Orders from his personal physician.

He ignores he, and tries to take the other chair but she insists. He gets exasperated saying how a new recruit dares...

But she puts both her hands together and whispers, Please. He is putty in her hands when she does that. A goner. LOL 

So he goes to sit on the bed, folding his arms as he watches her put the two chairs together for her to sleep on. As she fidgets with it, he asks how it's going with the research on her antidote.

She tells him how it is regrettable that she lacks certain tools, and she needs some kind of extracting tool, and how she would love to have a microscope.

She tries to get comfy, and undoes her hair as she talks to him. She tells him that her biggest obstacle is time. Appropriate temperature and environment are important, she says but since she does not have that, she can only wait and wait some more.

He is obviously not listening very well, distracted by her hair. He is virtually staring at her hair and swallowing, so adam's apple alert! Especially as she lets it lose and starts fluffing it around. When she turns to look at him, he actually looks down so she won't notice him staring. When she turns away, he's staring again.
Then he turns to take a comb, and when he tries to hand it over, it falls involuntarily from his hand. She doesn't realise it at first, still busy with her hair, but when he bends down and tries to pick it up and drops it again, she realises something is wrong.

She turns to look at him, and he swiftly bends down and picks it up again. But it's too late, she already saw it. She asks him, what is that expression he's wearing. She figures that it isn't the first time it happened. He just stares at her.

She quickly goes to sit beside him, and laces her fingers through his, asking him to pull her hand, asking him to pull with strength. (Profile looks good here, girls. I'm swooning.) He complies reluctantly.

She says there doesn't seem to be any problem. She asked if it happened before, and when? He tries to evade by saying it's just because of lack of sleep.
"So let's sleep," he says pushing her off the bed so that he can lie down. Silly Daejang, you can't fool a doctor. She knows what you're up to. Your hand does not give way due to lack of sleep anyway, and ES already knows that.

And now... one of my favorite scenes... let me do a @shengvang and die for a moment... THUD!

He lies down on the bed, and as she starts to move away, he grabs her hand. She is startled, as he pulls her towards the bed and she literally falls almost on top of him. He's pretending not to look, already putting one hand over his forehead, his eyes closed.

She sits there looking at him, and I think she realises that he has made space on the bed for her, and then smiles to herself, and lies down beside him.
As they lie together on that tiny bed, he holds out his left hand.. She puts her hand in his and they are holding hands together, as she closes her eyes and both try to get some sleep.

Although I doubt that they can sleep at all, bodies so close together, holding hands, listening to each other breathing. That proximity must be driving them crazy, but yes perhaps they are both emotionally exhausted with the things that have happened that day.

Ahhh Have I ever told you all how much I love this scene? I love it. This show of tenderness and intimacy from CY who was always so cold and stoic before. Even though he's still pretty controlled, these moments of tenderness just really gets to me, especially understanding the person CY is. Although I wish, right after holding hands, he should have just gathered her up in his arms and held her. Hmm PDnim, won't let us catch a break at all...

DC informs the king that they have received a message from Jeongdong Haengseong, that DH's trial will be held there. And the King's participation is requested.

CS tells the King that it is not a good idea to go to Jeongdong Haengseong at that time.

The King doesn't answer but is thinking deeply.


GC declares to DH that the King will come. If he is the King that GC knows, he will come.

DH says that if it were him, he would not come no matter what. GC tells him that he places his own safety above everything else. But to the King, the people's perception of him is important, therefore he will come.

DH tells GC that he has no interest in politics, so he does not understand.

GC asks him with a smile if he really has no interest in politics. With a wide smile DH says no he does not, he is only interested in his position.

GC nods, pleased and says they make a good team, because he himself has no interest in positions. (Prof V, I am having naughty thoughts... Urghhh how can I when it's GC and Duckface! Urghhh!)

DH asks amused, why the thoughts of others are so important. It is what he cannot understand.

GC reminds him that until he sits on the throne, he should be aware of others' eyes. SY will also be at the trial, so GC tells DH to make sure he does well.

DH smiles, saying "Of course." Did I tell you all before how much I hate that smile? I want to cut out that smile from that face! Thank God the screencappers do. Cover his face, not cut it out though. LOL

GC tells him that if the King comes, he will capture the King, and using the King as hostage he will take over all of the King's forces. He will ensure a bloodless transition between the present King to the new one.. it is what he will do for DH first, he says as he looks sideways at DH.

Then he gets up, puts his two hands together and says that after that, he will make sure that they see blood. DH just smiles up at him, but do I detect a tinge of worry or fear in that expression?


CY is asking the King to clarify his meaning, does the King mean to become the bait himself?

The King give his trademark crooked smile and says that he does not know much about fishing. But CY interrupts and asks, "Must you do this?"

The King answers that if it means the councilors will follow, isn't it worth a try?

Ahn Jae tells the King that they do not know how far they will go.

How far will they go? Repeats the King thoughtfully.

CY speaks up and says that their primary objective is to get the King in and out of Jeongdong Haengseong safely.

He goes on to explain as he points to the map that the trial will be held in the JH. It would be best not to make it known that their soldiers will be waiting.

As he relates, the scene shows a group of Imperial Guard moving hurriedly. Then the scene cuts to the Wudalchi barracks where Daejang is briefing his men. The Wudalchi will escort the King inside the JH, says CY.

"If they discover that we have our entire forces prepared and waiting, they will then call up their own private army. Then we will be fatally outnumbered."

"As a result," CY turns to look at ES who is standing on the perimeter with Daeman. "The King's escort will solely be made up of us Wudalchi. Twelve of you will escort the King personally, and the rest will only follow until we reach the outer gates."



CY unsheathes a short sword, then sheathes it back again and slides it at his calf hilt. He is talking to ES, "Most of the Wudalchi will be leaving the premises; it can't be helped since there are so many new recruits."

He goes on to say that there is no way to divide them, so the barracks will become empty. ES is following behind him with his armor as he talks.

He turns and she holds out his armor as she tells him that she will be going to see the queen later on. She helps him put on the armor as she says brightly that she will just stay in the barracks the rest of the day so he needn't worry.
She moves behind him to tie up his armor and asks about his hand, and instructs him to try moving it. He looks down at his hand and flexes and extends it quietly.

She says if he notices anything at all strange, he must notify his physician immediately. She then helps him with his belt, and asks if he won't answer.

He smiles slowly, "You're quite arrogant for a new recruit." He is amused as he says it, but his expression slowly turns serious when he realised what she was doing.
She was leaning against his back for several moments, obviously worried for him (it's a touching sweet moment that doesn't need words but speaks volumes of their feelings for one another)  ....then she taps his back and says as brightly as she can, "All done, Daejang."

He turns to look at her and she looks up at him with a smile.

Treasure: Click Me

The King with his entourage walking through the palace hallway, joined gradually by more and more Wudalchi and Imperial Guards.

Then scene cuts to the Wudalchi barracks rooftop, and we see that mysterious minion of SY's with his satgat or asian conical straw hat. He walks silently on the rooftop unnoticed by the Wudalchi patrol and even walks past a Wudalchi on the balcony who does not notice him. (Now that Daeman had mentioned it previously, I no longer complain of the obvious incompetencies of the Wudalchi guards in this scene. One, they are new and inexperienced, two even Daeman could not hear that minion's footsteps so how could these freshies be expected to?)

Meanwhile ES is in Daejang's room busy with her research, when the satgat clad man jumps down in front of her terrifying her.


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