Monday, July 28, 2014

Walking Down Memory Lane with Faith & Daejang

LMH : C.Yeong. from TheB on Vimeo.

It has been a while that I've come back to this blog, especially since Faith Fever has died down, and Faithlings moved on.

New fans discovered the goodness of Faith and Daejang after watching Lee Min Ho in The Heirs, but it doesn't feel the same without my fellow Faithlings anymore. 

However, Faith will always be special in my heart because of the memories I shared with my friends - be it happy, bad, or sad.

And thanks to The B, who made this short clip of daejang, reminded the good ol' times, and how gorgeous Lee Min Ho was as Choi Young in Faith.

Choi Young - still the best character Lee Min Ho has portrayed thus far - a character that Song Ji Na wrote to bring out the best of Lee Min Ho's acting abilities. 


  1. I just caught the FAITH FEVER!! And now I find out I'm 2 years too late!! Is it too late?? *sigh*

    1. Hahaha~ infect other people with the Faith Fever, and you'll find a new batch of people to spazz with. xD

  2. Just new become to fan Faith, very late to say that. But still be loved!
    Thank you for your translation. That's great if you can translate novel volume!

  3. Just became a Faith fan, love your translations. I know I'm late, but please please keep up the translations