Thursday, December 13, 2012

Anatomy Exam

Teacher: vangsweetie637

Class, before we can proceed to the next anatomy session, it is exam time. This will determine how many of my students were actually paying attention in class and how many were only drooling and sweating because of the steam unleashed  This exam is worth a total of 25 points. Remember, you must submit your answers to receive credit and grades. You can only use your brain on this exam. Cheating will not be tolerated. 

This section is worth 10 points. There is only one correct answer.

1. During the only kiss, whose lips was swallowing whose?

A) Duck-Hind Ass on Eun Soo
B) Daejang on Eun Soo
C) King Gongmin on Princess Noguk
D) What kiss? This kiss doesn't even count.

2. Daejang's adam apple is sexy because

A) He is so cool like that.
B) He passed puberty already.
C) It makes him even more sexy.
D) We cannot take our eyes off of it.

3) What are Daejang's ears good for?

A) Hearing
B) Playing
C) Piercing a.k.a (penetrating)
D) Nibbling

4) In the first anatomy session, we saw his broad

A) eyes
B) shoulders
C) hair
D) sword

5) Which rhythm did Daejang use?
A) up and down
B) sideways
C) in and out
D) Nothing. 

This section is worth 9 points, 3pts each qn. Choose either true or false.
6) Daejang's lips needed some serious kissing in the first session: T or F
7) Daejang's hands stood out the most during the first class: T or F
8) Due to the deep penetration, Daejang lost conscious and gave us permission to do an anatomy lecture: T or F

This section is worth 4 points, 2 pts each. Complete the sentence with your correct choice of word. There is only one correct answer.

9) The strongest muscle during a kiss is the________.
10) The eyes closes during a kiss because it needs time to _______ in the other person's mouth.

This is a short answer section. Worth 2 points. Answer to your desire and thoughts.
What do you think Daejang's tongue was doing to his woman during the one and only kiss?

This is a bonus question. If you get this correct, you will get an extra 2 points to the total of your score. This is optional.

In your own words, describe the process of the 'hidden' French Kiss we discussed in the class?

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