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Let me make this short and yet steamy.  Now, we all know that from afar, this kiss may look innocent. But, as I have said, we see movement. It is not one of those ‘stand still kiss’ or those ‘no reaction at all kiss’. No. While this one is the only kiss we get, it was also the only one that we see movements at a close up angle. Remember, one of the most important part of the body that is used during a kiss is the lips, mouth and tongue.

As we see, once again, our Daejang’s mouth Is swallowing our High Doctor’s mouth whole with his lips thus we cannot see a glimpse of Eun Soo’s lips at all. Since we are talking about lips right now, let us delve into the anatomy of the lips. The lips contain of two section: the bottom lip and the upper lip. At times, the upper one is shaped differently to the bottom one. At other times, they are both shaped perfectly to match each other. In this case, we see that Daejang’s lips are perfect. He is able to place his whole lips over Eun Soo while slowly moving a rhythm on it. Rhythm is defined as movement that is in a pattern direction. The lips are very sensitive and sensational.  It is can feel every move, every skin, everything. Remember, a kiss is when the lips are pressed onto one another, tight and deeply.

There are many types of kisses but the one we must focus on is the ‘lovers kiss’. This one involves a kiss so passionate that it spells out love. Daejang’s lips on Eun Soo’s is that of a lover’s kiss. During a lover’s kiss, the lips that moves slowly is an infinite desire of happiness. The harder and the more glued Daejang’s lips is on Eun Soo, the more in love he falls for her. And as he moves his lips up and down around hers, he is savoring her well. Up and down is the rhythm of his lips on hers.

The tongue. 

We went into this in the last session but let us go even deeper. Even though we cannot see it, the fact that his whole lips is over hers, this gives the perfect time to use his tongue to explore hers. This type of kissing is called the hidden ‘French Kiss’. In most French kisses, the tongue can be seen going in and out of each partner’s lips, receiving and giving each time.  The mouth must be opened. But, there are also cases where the tongue is hidden from being seen but is actually going in and out without notice. This is applicable to our Imja’s kiss. The tongue is a very muscular organ of the mouth. Its texture is rough but the pleasure it brings during a kiss is worthwhile.  The kiss is wet and sensual, even sexual.  The tongue can be used to lick the partner’s lips.

In this case, even our Daejang is secretly using his tongue to lick Eun Soo’s lips while his whole mouth is on hers.  And we also see that Eun Soo returns the movement of his lips with her own hence, she too is playing with his lips and responding the tongue entrance with her own. While this intimate kiss is happening, the hands should be kept busy. And this is exactly what Daejang did. Instead of allowing his hands to just sit idly beside him while he is kissing his woman, he firmly grabs her neck for a harder pull and tighter force. His hands are not lazy. His hands are locking his woman in his savor.  This is why even though we only had one kiss from our Daejang to his woman, it is a sweet and swooning kiss. His lips moves. His mouth is all on hers. And his hands is holding her tight.

A lover’s kiss, as I said, before.

And of course, our Guest Speaker

Now, as your anatomy teacher, I was able to get our Daejang as a special guest speaker for tonight's class session. He is here, right now.

Daejang: Hello. I am here to visit the class. Your teacher says it is a special class. I will only take questions and answers. Please, ask me any questions you all have. 
*Students drool only* @awesomeduck @sia3 @Yuuni @WutHmone @myphim @LuvMinHo @mattie2012 @kappy @Anomalous and @everyone else, PLEASE stop drooling. *students ignore and drool even more*
Miss vangsweetie637: Excuse them. They are trying hard to maintain their control. Let me be the one to ask you instead for now. This is an anatomy class, dealing with juicy specificity. We are very honest with anything in this class. So, I will like to know your feelings about the only kiss you had with your Imja?
Daejang: It was the only way to ensure she wouldn't marry that bastard who only knows poison.
Miss vangsweetie637: Yes. His name for us is Duck-Hind Ass. Anyways, do tell us more.
Daejang: (*ahem*): Duck Hind Ass? Like a donkey-related term? Well, I am very honest. I will have to say it was very good. I was tasting her and love it.
Miss vangsweetie637: Wow! So, that means, you used your tongue then?
Daejang: That..I will have to say yes.
Miss vangsweetie637: Did you enjoy exploring her mouth  with your tongue?
Daejang: (*ahem*): That..I will have to say yes.
Miss vangsweetie637: So, you put your whole mouth on her with a purpose? 
Daejang: Y..yes.
Miss vangsweetie637: Sorry to divert but you look very modern here in class today. Did Imja make you those clothes you are wearing now?
Daejang: It's getting dark. I must go back now. I left Imja all alone. The portal should still be there.
Miss vangsweetie637: Huh? It's still light. My class still needs to ask you some questions. The kiss..tell us more.
Daejang: I have to go now.
Daejang storms out of class in a hurry  to meet his Imja 

Wow! Either our Guest Speaker is still very shy or he is just eager to run to his Imja for another tight hug, wet kiss
Alright! I changed the schedule. There will be no exam yet as it has not been fully completed. I will keep you all informed on the exam. Until then, class dismissed

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