Sunday, December 16, 2012

Minoz Support To Faith Production Team

MINOZ support to FAITH production team on 14th OCT 2012 

Usually pallycute would post this, but she hasn't visited Faith for quite a while :( and I just saw this so I will share :)

This is supports from 3 different Minoz groups, different countries too! *Amazing*

Present for PDnim

Present for Song Ji-Na

Present for Kim Hee Sun
The skirt is for her daughter ^ ^

Present for KHS's agent

Present's for LMH's agent

Presents for Stylist and Designer

Presents for all supporting female actress

Presents for all supporting male actors

Presents for ALL production members as well as actors

Last but not least, of course the presents for Lee Min Ho from Minoz :))

He has the BIGGEST present! :)) In it contains the newest SONY PS Vita, a foot spa (that's why size of the pressie is huge) and lots and lots and lots of junk food!

No wonder he became Chubby Choi in the end! T____T

FOOD for ALL from Minoz
PDnim's food

Food for production team

Last, Lee Min Ho's food

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