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Discussion between guadi and Hanjae Pt.1

by guadi

@hanjae -- Interesting thoughts! Thanks for sharing  

I don't know if Choi Young mentioning the date was intentional or not. I do think Choi Young is not in a hurry to bring ES back to the portal in that scene. All he knows at that moment is that the portal will open on a certain date in which Eun-soo has the calculation, and they have limited time together. For that duration, he plans on tying loose ends, spends sometimes with her. Then he will bring her back. The promise to bring her back to the portal has not changed yet from when he asked her to stay by his side in Episode 17 to now in Episode 18. The difference is that, now there are the loss of the wooldachis and the guilt that he carries for "abandoning" them during their moment in need.

Eun-soo, on the other hand, knows that she is poisoned and also knows that if Choi Young knows of the poison, she will be sent immediately to the portal and waits there until the portal opens. So I interpret her message as her asking him to let her stay here at the herbal chamber until the date of the opening of the portal draws closer. She is asking him as if he has full information of her poison and is okay to let her stay.  That's what I mean by his answer giving her "false" comfort; it's cheering her a little bit. He is down because of the many deaths of his children, and she's worried because of his problem compounded by her being poisoned and what that means to both of them. They both need a personal cheerleader (I would totally volunteer to do that ) But then, intentionally or not, he mentions the date and you can see on Eun-soo's face the crush of the mere mention of her return to heaven.

This is the viki translation after he is about to leave -- 

Choi Young: What does the Prince of Court believe as the day the heaven door will open?
Eun-soo: I said in about two months, but he doesn't believe me. I think he will take me there when he sees me. To wait in front of it.
Choi Young: Then, we'll have to tie up that man's legs first. Please wait until I settle a few matters. Stay here until then and I will protect you. And before it is too late, I will escort you there. (a little pause) To there. Heaven's door. *sobs* (and the look on her face after he said these words. It kills me; as if she just got cut by those words. And Carry On is playing the background as Eun-soo is crying). She looks down at those papers, and tears dropped on a paper with the question of letting her stay written on it. 

Re: Choi Young being selfish. I think he is. Meeting and serving Gongmin is more than "career" advancement or direction. During that time period, a person's life and character is defined by his class. He is of the military class with a duty to protect the king. What he does is really honorable. But what he hasn't internalized is that having Gongmin has also changed his life. Obviously, the love of his life is Eun-soo, but we have to remember that Gongmin and Eun-soo appear in Young's life at almost the exact time. Gongmin the king makes Young understand what being a king is like, the responsibility and weight of carrying a nation. Choi Young sees in GM a king who is humble, whom he can serve honorably. And he's gone through all the troubles to bring the scholars, to scheme against Ki Chul, to do all the politicking that he hadn't normally done before. And on top of that, he is fighting a battle within himself as to whom he should protect. Choi Young is no longer living waiting for death to arrive. He doesn't confront problems head-on; he strategizes, he cares for other people. The struggle between love and country. And these struggles are what defined a life; they create a life narrative. So in a way (to me the viewer at least) Gongmin plays a major part in Choi Young's re-awakening. It's a pity that at this point in the show, Choi Young has not recognized Gongmin's contribution to a meaningful existence, but I do feel that subconsciously he's struggling with the heaviness of the sword. It's been like that since Episode 12 or maybe earlier, who knows. And we'll see how that unfolds in future episodes. 

Viki's translation - 

Choi Young: You once asked me how the order goes
Gongmin: Yes. I did ask you that. 
Choi Young: Always, that person was first. Such as allegiance to this nation, Goryeo...I don't really know it, Your Majesty (this part annoys me).
Gongmin: So then?
Choi Young: To keep a man who's having those thoughts as your majesty's general of Wooldachi is dangerous.
Gongmin (look fierce btw ) : So then?
Choi Young: Letting him my request. 
Gongmin: Attend tomorrow's policy meeting. 

They both should give each other a hug 

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