Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holding Hands Scene from E20 by azzurri

by azzurri

It's a very simple scene in Ep20.

The Queen has just been saved by CY and brought back to the palace.
CY waits outside the Queen's door as we see the King, ES, CS, DC, DG and the Wudalchi rushing towards the Queen's room.

The King pushes the sliding doors open, but is greeted by an anxious looking LC who stops him from entering and asks that ES see the Queen first. ES immediately takes charge asking everyone to wait outside, and Deogi to come in to assist her. She rushes in past her Daejang, and he seems a little put out that she didn't greet him.

The King looks from the closed door to CY, anxiously but CY just stares back wordlessly at him.

After a few moments, the door slides open and ES comes out. We can see the expectant look on the King's, DC's, CS's and even DB's face, although JH looks a little blank.

ES starts to speak and we can see there are tears glistening in her eyes. Her voice breaks as she speaks, telling the King that the Queen has regained consciousness and is not severely impaired. The King looks ever so slightly relieved but still waits for more that she has to say.

"However," says ES, "The little prince is no more." The Queen had been constantly fed with medication through out her captivity, a particularly strong sedative that had a ill effect on her body. For this alone DH ass should be *STAB* *STAB* *STAB*. He killed the baby!

The King looking at a loss, enters the room wordlessly. Behind him DC has burst into tears, CS looks down and closes his eyes.

ES heaves a sigh, leans her shoulder against the door, and looks down battling her own tears. DC literally sobs now. And we can clearly see how sad CS, Dol Bae, Deok Man and Jung Ho are now.

As the first lines of the song Because It's You begins, Daejang moves silently to stand in front of Eun Soo. He takes her hand firmly in his, stands silently in front of her offering her his broad back for her to lean on and gain comfort. ES leans into his back and closes her eyes, while Daejang just stands there, his eyes looking somewhere we can't fathom.


Credit: Javabeans

The King enters the bedchambers and sees his Queen lying on the bed with her back to him. His eyes are watering now. He sits beside her and leans forward to hug her. She turns to hug him and we can see the solitary tear rolling down from his eyes as he holds her.


At first, I ignored my feelings,
I pretended to be blind and turned away.
But even if I tried to hide it,
my clumsy love
Couldn't be hidden
My two eyes try to erase you but,
My footsteps go to find you again
Even if my nail driven heart is you.
It's all right because love is painful.
My broken heart is being punished,
For having you without permission.
Though it hurts because it's you
Because it's you, I live.

I love this scene, because without saying very much, the picture that is painted is so poignant and beautiful. And it features both couples, both seeking comfort in each other. I found Daejang's gesture particularly romantic and tender, how he knew what ES was feeling and what she needed at this point. He must have heard her voice breaking as she talked to the King, so even though he could not see her face, he understood.

This sensitivity that CY possesses, is something that I think most women want in their men. Most times women just want understanding, and comfort and hugs, not reasoning and rationalising. Of course we should reason and rationalise later, but at the point of hurt we need our wounds kissed away and made better. So even though ES tells CY previously that he is hopelessly macho, and if he ever went to Heaven he would end up alone, I think that's not really true. Macho, yes but also sensitive and tender to the woman he loves. It's a perfect combination, and one that makes that yardstick for the perfect man that much harder to achieve for us Faithlings who have Daejang as a role model. 

For me personally, who is happily married to my very own Daejang, it makes me appreciate my own husband even more. He used to want to reason and rationalise from the get go, but because he is such a good listener, he has come to understand me better and just gives me silent comfort when I need that the most. And that's all I will say about that, girls. LOL

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