Monday, January 28, 2013

Quotes from Faith

by farstrep and other Faithlings

"There is someone I know. To that person the most important thing in the world is living. But you and I can’t understand that. To us, living… is not dying. That’s all. But… that person is different. That person is really living -and at that, with all her might. That’s why I’m saying, when I look at that person…"
— Choi Young

"The king does not fight. The king possesses. There are simply kings who possess one or two, and kings who possess thousands, and tens of thousands. Start by possessing me. And I will do the fighting."
— Choi Young

"I have already broken my principle once. I so vowed that I would not embrace the likes of a Yuan woman in my heart. I broke it. No matter how hard I tried to resist, I couldn’t.. because she had already entered my heart, and I could not send her out."
— The King

"The king gazed at his queen and said, ‘So this is how a husband sees his entire world.’"
— The King

"Perhaps it'll be as though I had dreamed a long dream? But a dream, isn't that something that's supposed to be forgotten once the day is brightened?"
— Eun Soo

"I don't think I'll be alright either. Once I return to my world, I will think a lot. Think about the King, the Queen, Doctor Jang Bin, the Woodalchi and... you.
— Eun Soo

"…my heart never opened. Even if my heart going to go out, it would stop… and stop… and it’ll be lost again. It’s annoying. And then, my heart would close again and hide. That kind of feeling was always first; that person isn’t it, this isn’t it. Even meeting that person, Choi Young, it was like that. I would draw a line some day and say, don’t come in, don’t come in… "
— Eun Soo

"Don’t die. I’m telling you not to die. I know that you’re a psycho, crazy man. But still, if you die and leave me alone, what will I do? "
— Eun Soo

"My promise that I will help you return, to be able to keep that, you must be alive, right? Until then, I will protect you. So, just stick close to my side."

— Choi Young

The promise that sealed their destiny as one.

"Even just for day in your life, instead of what others say to do and what they ask you to do for them... have you ever spent a day doing what you wanted to do?
— Eun Soo

"The greatest strategy is the simplest."
— Choi Young

"You know what it’s like for those who remain, what they feel. You are really so mean."
— Eun Soo
Tragedy isn't for those who die but those who have to continue living after their loved ones have died.

"Many are fooled by the High Doctor's smile."
— Jang Bin

"But this person can’t be that person… But when I turn around he’s always there. And he looks at me. And even when I can’t see him, if I ask where he is, he always answers that he’s here…"
— Eun Soo

It's nice to have someone who's always there for you.

"Someone once said, earnest desire creates connections, and only memories will bring those moments to life."

— Eun Soo

By @pandaeve:
You don't get to be together for very long, no matter how hard you try it's less than a hundred years. So day by day, like today, love. Be so happy, words can't describe it; yearn for each other, even while together. Love. - Eun So

Regardless of what, that one beside you must be the first, r
ight? He always runs to you and finds you. Each time, without fail. - Hwa Soo In

Like the rain that falls endlessly
You fall deep into my heart
Like countless grains of sand
You fill up my heart

 - Walking Slow, Faith OST

by @myphim:

After endless mountains and winding streams,
the pathway seems to end.
Yet in the shadow of a dark willow and amid blooming flowers,
another village stems.

The mountains are deep, the waters dense,
the road appears to end.
Amid the dark of the willow and the bounty of flowers in bloom,
another village is revealed.

Song Dynasty poem
"Light at the end of the tunnel"

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