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[FAN ACCOUNT] Lee Min Ho in LAX on 9th March 2013

by shengvang

Part 1:
My experience:

This morning, I had woken up to very bad news. As we all know, the minoz who I was supposed to originally attend the fanmeet with had to cancel on me due to unpreventable problems that had occurred. I was deeply saddened, and yes, I bawled my eyes out. 
By 6 my sisters had arrived to Irvine to get me, and we finally left to LAX airport at 7. I was thinking the whole time, “what if we’re too late and we miss him?” However, we arrived not even 30 minutes later. It was such a relief, but then we realized LAX is an extremely huge airport and LMH could come out from anywhere. It became very frustrating, because there was an exit for Korean airline and one for International terminal for Korean airline, or somewhat like that, haha. After going through a lot of hassle, we figured he must be arriving at the international terminal exit, since he has to go through immigration checkpoint. 

We arrived at the place and what do you know? There were fans already there, waiting with fansigns and the funniest thing, we squealed just at the sight of his banner, hahaha. It was a little early, I’d say, because he didn’t arrive until two hours later, perhaps 9:45 (forgive me, I was too excited to care about the time). But it was well worth the wait!

Within those two hours, I met @minozlove and she is the funniest and kindest fan. We fangirled together for a minute there, hahaha. I also took photos with the other minoz holding a LeeMinHoWorld’s banner of LMH, specifically the one with him counting cutely. Then the time came for the arrival. 

The person that came out right before LMH did was kind enough to let us know, “He’s coming.”

Hearing that made my heart exceed normal heart rate, I almost couldn’t comprehend what was going to happen next. Was Lee Min Ho really going to appear right before my eyes? Lee Min Ho? Like, seriously? I am not dreaming right? 

Believe me, when he turned from around the corner, I swear, I felt my heart skipped a beat. He was very tall indeed, and very thin (a little too thin   ). It seemed he was taken aback that there were actually fans waiting for him and with his banner to welcome him. He looked upon his fans, and it literally felt like time stopped. He flashed the cutest, sweetest, shyest smile and looked down, blushing like the way he does with imja. Truly, truly cute. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, melted my heart.

But the next few moments seemed to have gone in fast forward motion, because before I knew it, I was running towards the exit, and LMH was already almost there. Like I said, I think he was quite surprised because there could have possibly been a hundred of us waiting for his arrival, so he handed his suitcase to his manager (or was it before this? I don’t remember exactly hahaha.) Funny thing is, because it was so unexpected that there would be fans waiting for him, he had no security guards. You can imagine how happy I was at this, hahaha. 

Again, it seemed like the moment froze, I think LMH looked a little indecisive as to which of the two exits he should take. Either way, both sides had fans waiting for him. It was weird because the man was basically alone, with no one but his manager, yet I think we, as the fans, were also taken aback by LMH. I think we were all star struck for oddly enough, no one took the initiative in running up to him until a few seconds later. Of those, included my sister and me of course, hahaha.

I ran right up to the front of him, and I even touched his wrist. Afterwards, so many fans rushed in at him but he was so kind, while his manager was working hard to hold back the fans that outnumbered him by whole lot, LMH said, “geokjeong mayeomryeo, geokjeong mayeomryeo.” How sweet is that? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

And girls, I had a view way better than front row seats, I was literally 5 inches under his face. Again, the man is very, very tall, he towered perhaps a whole feet above me, and I was wearing a two inch heel (I am 5’1). 

For a minute there, I was right underneath LMH’s arm; I had taken place of his manager hahahah. Omo, fans were pushing from all over the place, I was stumbling like a clumsy child, holding on to lmh’s coat hahaha. Except, due to all the pushing, I was pushed closer and closer to him, close and long enough to get a taste of his scent lol. During this moment, I think I was actually unconscious, due to rapid heartbeat and fans screaming from all over the place, plus pushing me. I zoned out for a few seconds there.  

 I stayed like that for quite a while, until his manager realized that LMH was walking behind him rather than next to him. So he slightly pushed me out of the way, and I think I had a little, itsy, bitty fight with his manager right there hahaha. I lost of course, so guess what this girl did? Did everyone else forget that LMH had a left side? And no security guards to block it? Because no one took the initiative in going over to his left side, so the chances were wide open for me. Hahahaha.   

But before that, I was standing behind LMH as I noticed his backpack that many of you had been curious about. I literally thought at that moment, “What’s in LMH’s backpack” mission hahahaha. So it reminded me that my dear @myphim suggested I mention that I am a Faith Fan if I got the chance to talk to LMH. Sure as well enough, I ended on the left side of LMH. Here was my chance, I held out my hand to him, saying, “Faith Fan.” But due to all the fangirls screaming, he couldn’t hear me, so while he rearranges his gifts, he said, “eo?”and  grabbed onto my hand. I repeated again, “Faith fan.” And there it was, he flashed me the cutest, most adorable smile, and said, “Kuemsabhanida.” Ok, then I really zoned out. Rather than keeping side by side with LMH, I don’t know what happened! I was so happy that he held my hand that I forgot to move along with him. I am so angry at myself, hahahaha. 

But the cutest moment of all for all the minoz surrounding was when everyone screamed “I love you, Oppa,” and “Saranghae yo Oppo.” Shy LMH turns his head to the front, and then turns back around, flashing the biggest, most swoon-worthy of all time, smile and said, “Thank you.” Omo,  I nearly died. SOOOOOOOOOOO Handsome!

Somehow, I got carried along with the fans and ended up at the front row before the car, hahaha. At that moment, I really felt like crying. I don’t know whether it was because I was so happy or because I knew all of it was about to end. I had to move out of the way so LMH could get into the car, and I regret not touching his hand before I moved, hahaha. But once again, I had better than front row seats, I was literally the one standing right before the door. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Hahahah. 

Honestly, it all felt like a dream. It was too good to be true, so I couldn’t comprehend whether it was real. I thought I’d be one of those fans screaming like crazy but I wasn’t. Actually, I went speechless; it was even hard for me to say “faith fan.” If you can’t tell, my voice is a little shaky, because my heart was beating so fast. I still have to keep reminding myself that it was real, and it wasn’t a dream, that I did see LMH, was next to his chest and right under his arms, and even held his hand. 

The biggest impact LMH had on me, was that of course, 1.) He was much much more handsome than in photos and dramas and 2.) he didn’t appear to me as Gu Junpyo, Jeon Jinho, Lee Yoon Sung, or Choi Young but rather I saw him as Lee Min Ho. This was Lee Min Ho, the sweet, shy yet humorous man. My impression of him is the boy next door, a very gentleman. 

Part two: LMH's overall appearance

Before LMH turned from around the corner, I didn’t know how I would react. I think a part of me was scared that perhaps I might just faint right then and there (luckily I didn’t or else I would have missed out on him). The moment he turned was priceless and indescribable; it felt so unreal yet so real. The feeling was truly too good that there are no words to describe it; I’d give anything to relive that moment. But let’s not get carried away with my reaction, I shall give a full on insight of the oh so handsome, sweet man, Lee Min Ho, in person. Let’s see, in terms of his nick names “daddy long legs” and Super 3 # 1, “Super tall,” yes, the man lives up to his name. I noticed his height right away. He is freaking tall, his height is god hot and sexy! I knew he was tall to begin with, but I didn’t know he was that tall! His height even took me by surprise; he stands almost an entire feet above me, even when I was wearing heels. I am beginning to wonder whether he is really 6’1, perhaps he is 6’2. He is so tall that he towers above everyone, omo, we looked like little children throwing tantrums, pushing and pulling him hahaha. But truthfully, the man is so tall, and his height is perfectly HOT! “Super tall?” CHECK!  

Unfortunately, uri LMH looks like a walking stick, omo, he is just sooo thin, even I am afraid I might have fractured a few of his bones going in on him like that. Poor boy, he needs to have a good rest and eat a lot, he can use at least 10 pounds. Let’s put it this way again, I knew he was skinny but I didn’t know he was that skinny, I think he has lost a lot of weight recently, and it clearly shows too. He needs to stop overworking himself. Seriously, I am worried of his health. I thought being 6’1 at 167 pounds was already too skinny, I can swear he lost about 10 pounds or so, making him 157 at 6’1, isn’t that a little too skinny Min Ho? I hope you are eating well, please eat some good food and a lot more, the minoz are worried for your health. “Super Skinny?” Double CHECK!

The first thing I did when I ran up to LMH was touched his wrist. Unfortunately, because of the sleeves on his coat, I didn’t get to feel his soft skin until a little bit later. Hehehe. 
On the other hand, the first thing I noticed was his clear, beautiful, beautiful soft and flawless skin. Omo, he makes me feel so self-conscious about my skin lol. I swear, his skin is so smooth and nice that it can be unreal. It is like baby skin, and now I am wondering why I just didn’t reach my hands on over to feel his face, hahahaha. His scars? They are unapparent, so unnoticeable that I didn’t even notice them  lol. My point is, the man just has very, very nice skin; I can’t stress it enough. Lol. His complexion? He is lighter than he appears on screen, but he isn’t what I’d consider very pale either, however, I reckon his complexion suits him very well, simply a very healthy complexion. Plus, the man was all natural, no make-up. Now that is just a plus plus!  

I was happy to see him lose his sunglasses, I mean, of course I love him with his sunglasses also, but I’d like to see his eyes. It wouldn’t have been as satisfying if he hadn’t taken them off, because it wouldn’t have been a true representation of his good looks. Basically, for the first time seeing him and possibly the last time, if I am unlucky that is, I’d like to see his full face, and hiding his attractive eyes will probably hide more than half of his half, considering that his face is tiny. I wished he would have taken off his hat also, so we could have gotten an even better view of his pretty eyes. Regardless, like I said, I stood right underneath him, so I got a pretty decent view of his eyes. They are perfectly big, shaped like male amines, and his eyelids are deeper than usual Asian eyelids, giving him the perfect dimension. I still can’t believe he looked me right in my eyes, and smiled. Ahhhh, it is no wonder I zoned out, I was mesmerized by his electrifying eyes, hahahah. But I still wished I could have gotten an even better view of them. Hahaha, a part of that is probably because I am so fond of his new hair, and I wanted a glimpse of it for myself, hahahaha. 

Needless to say, gahhhhhh his smile. It is the sweetest smile. I am not exaggerating, it radiates happiness all around. I mean of course, he is after all Lee Min Ho, hahaha. He gives off the shyest look whenever he smiles, and I just find it so darn cute, it’s like a young boy smiling at his crush. It’s the cutest thing that he’s so humble and shy, and blushes oh, so ever easily. Shows how much of a sweetheart he is; he isn’t arrogant at all, not even the slightest bit. I say this because Lee Min Ho is not Gu Junpyo, even looking at the man, I cannot picture him even coming close to acting anything like Gu Junpyo. So I praise him for nailing the acting of a character so out of his own personality! In fact, the impression LMH gives off is very different from all his characters. Who was it that told me whenever they looked at LMH, they didn’t see him but rather, they saw Choi Young? You must meet him in person then, because he is not, and I stress, is not, Choi Young, nor is he Gu Junpyo, Lee Yoon Sung or Jeon Jinho. I am sorry to the fans who love him merely because of his characters, but he is Lee Min Ho, the sweet shy kid at heart. Back to my point, I noticed LMH hardly smiled with his teeth, he smiled without his teeth the entire time (with the exception of a few times, for example, when everyone screamed, “I love you”), giving the most subtle, sweet, sincere, and shy smile. Perhaps because he was indeed, very shy to have so much girls hovering over him, hahaha, and a little irritated but with so much appreciation. I don’t blame him if he found us annoying, he is after all human and even I myself was getting annoyed with all the pushing and screaming lol. Above all, his smile did the most in winning my heart. I fell in love the moment he turned from around the corner and flashed the most adorable smile that had, “I am blushing” written all over it. My heart beat exceeded normal heart rate. His smile is what actually says a little about him, and yes, he came off shyer than I expected, not that I am complaining, because in fact I find it all the cuter.

And his overall face, can I just say perfect, just PERFECT, there is no other way to describe it! Surprisingly, his face is very small, very thin indeed, and simply just perfectly tiny. I hadn’t imagined LMH’s face to be that small. Again, making me feel very self-conscious about my own big face (hahaha).. His face shape is very well defined; it is so attractive! Let alone, uri LMH has a baby face. Omo, no, no, I will not allow anyone to call him “ahjumma” anymore, “Ahjumma” is completely out of the question! LMH in person looks 24. And it is no wonder he is known as the ultimate flower boy, this man is seriously pretty. Just godly handsome! Let’s put it this way, photos do not do his handsomeness justice! I thought he was handsome in photos but omo, you girls do not know handsome if you have not seen LMH in person, he is truly handsome. Like, over the top handsome, seriously. I had doubted before that he would look as good as he does in photos and on screen, because the man looks too good to be real, but boy was I wrong, I should have known better, he is two times or even three times more handsome in person. So if you’re questioning whether it is possible that he looks as perfect as he does in photos, the answer is yes, in fact, he is even more perfect in person. Plus, don’t forget, this was natural LMH that I saw. So, “Super Handsome?” CHECK, a billion times!  

All the while, I was so close to him for about a few good seconds that I could actually smell him. Sighs, sighs, sighs, I can’t describe his scent in details; it is too hard to give an accurate description, but I can tell you for sure that he smells good. His scent is very, very subtle, so I still cannot distinguish whether it was his natural scent or cologne. My guess is, since he was on the plane for 12 hours, he probably took a shower at home before he left Korea. And because he didn’t know fans would be waiting for him, he probably didn’t bother to throw on cologne, since he didn’t bother to wear BB cream either. So what I am saying is that it is more likely the smell was his natural smell. Lee Min Ho, if you smell that good already, there is really no need for cologne. Seriously, he smells so good, lol.     

Somehow, like I said in part 1, I made my way over to LMH’s left side after getting pushed away by his manager (hahahaha) and while I was telling him that I am a Faith Fan, I held out my hand for him to shake. I think my memories are lying to me because clearly, the video does not match up to my memories hahaha. So what happened was, LMH had already turned to me saying , was it “eo” or “hi” (forgive me, I was too excited out of my mind, a little unconscious) after I said, “hi.” He smiled to me right there already, ahhhhh, sighs sighs sighs. I mentioned I was a “Faith Fan,” though I can’t be for sure he even understood what that meant lol. He then replied, “Kuemsahanida,” and for some reason, I felt the need to say “Faith Fan” again, so I did. Lol. Just kidding, I swore I heard him say “eo” but I think he said “hi.” Lol. I could have sworn I said the second “Faith fan” before he said “kuemsahanida,” but the video proves me wrong hahahaha. Ok so now, back to my point, yes, if you are wondering, LMH’s hands are very, very soft. I wonder if he throws on a bunch of moisturizers every night before he goes to bed, and sunscreen before he goes out, because can I just say I am the girl here but why are his hands 100 times softer than mine? Hahahaha, Omo, how I’d give the world to hold his soft hands again, such soft hands, it’s a pity I only held his hand for a split second, and not only that, it wasn’t even a full handshake because of the drink in his hand, regardless I am such a happy child that he even acknowledged my hand, ahhhhhhhhhhhh,  hahahahah. Now I am just wondering how soft his face feels hahahahah must feel like “butter”perhaps @minozlove you meant this when you said his face is like butter? Or is it because he has such nice skin that it looks as smooth as butter? Hahahaha. 

Ok, I am sure we all have a thing for LMH’s voice, yes, yes we do. But trust me, it is even sexier in real life, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, sighs sighs sighs, I couldn’t believe my ears; he was really speaking to me. To me? Ahhhhhhhhh, sighs, it didn’t even matter that it was two words, it was to me, and his voice was hot! Perfectly deep and seductive, Hahahaha. Well I guess I am exaggerating this one, just a little. Lol. The man pretty much sounds like himself in dramas and videos, it’s just that I was actually hearing him speaking in front of me, to me, that made his voice 1000 times sexier hahahaha. God, the whole time, I was drawn into his voice. When he said “Don’t worry” to his manager I squealed like crazy on the inside, I was just too excited to work up any energy to talk or scream, so I screamed and squealed silently. EEEEEKKK, lol. I was thinking, “Omo, omo, that’s him talking, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” Hahahahaha. So hot!

In terms of @filchiny ‘s “What does LMH taste like?” Hmmmmm, it is a mission to be accomplished hahahah. I did not taste LMH, so hold your knives and guns minoz, hahahaha, however, I did get a taste of what Lee Min Ho is like. He sure is friendly and shy, I just can’t get over the fact that he blushes so easily, it’s so darn adorable! Hahahaha, Sorry to disappoint you but that’s as close as I can get to what LMH tastes like. Hahaha, although I bet he’d taste delicious, I mean after all, the man looks extremely delicious. So gooooood! Hahahahahah.
The end. 


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