Sunday, March 24, 2013

[FAN ACCOUNT] Toyota Los Angeles FM - 10th March 2013

by minozlove

Then also, JESUS, there was drawing for getting a chance to go up there and shake his hand/ squeeze him and get his personally photographed poster. Guess who won one of the 20 tickets? YES, YES, YES MINOZLOVE. I mean crayji crayhi crayji  crayji crayhi crayji crayji crayhi crayji crayji crayhi crayji. 


So when the guy calls my number 805881, I hear that and start shouting sooooooo loud loooooking straight at the guy who was reading the number that URI LMH PICKED HIMSELF :):). So I am screaming like crayji and the guy is looking at me almost scared. So in a while he says to me: Is this your number? So now I get up off my knees and start shouting at him again aaaaaaaaaaaaa, SO loud so he looks at me again and says: If this is really your number, you can come forward. 

OMO, I died laughing, so yes, I went forward. And then all of a sudden, here I am, LMH is looking at me, and so very gently starts to sign my poster, and I just say, so incredibly happily: Kamsahamnida, kamsahamnida. As I saw him, this time so relaxed, and not surrounded by frightening fans, but just standing there in his radiant smile, and just so very present, I felt SUCH GRATITUDE, of all the things, I felt such immense gratitude. I can not even begin to describe the feeling. Yes, there were so many fans in the room, and cameras and people were shuffling, and numbers were being called, but I saw this beautiful man that we all love,  just standing there, smiling, as I am saying "thank you" he looks a bit surprised, as if not expecting that, and then, when he put his head down to sign my poster I said: Lee Min Ho (as if calling for him to stop writing but pay attention to me), so he lifts up his look and smiles at me: I said, truly, truly kamsahamnida. He smiled so kindly and put his hand towards me, I shook his hand in such gratitude. This is the person that helped me rebuild my confidence in my self and my life, this is the person that in his character of Choi Young, and now as Lee Min Ho stands so humbly, so strongly, and so kindly again in front of me. He smiled not the way a man smiles, or adored celebrity, he smiled the way a person who receives gratitude smiles, as if saying: Thank you for acknowledging ME. It was the most beautiful way to love him for what he did for me.

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