Saturday, December 29, 2012

Faithlings Thoughts on Episode 10 Part 3

by omiki

At this early part of the drama, I don't think ES has feelings for Daejang yet (well, not that she is aware of, anyway) so here, I think she is expressing her relief that he did not die as a result of her skewering him. If he did die, then her presence in Goryeo would have altered history which has serious repercussions and a ripple effect on the rest of the events that follow. In Korean history, Gen. Choi Yong was instrumental in fghting the Mongolians to recover Goryeo land and defend against the Japanese pirates. Also, if their beloved Daejang had died in her hands, she would have to face the wrath of a band of very angry Wudalchis ... So definitely, very relieved! 

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