Monday, March 25, 2013

Choi Young's Love for Eun Soo

by Hanjae

This is one of my favourite Imja couple scenes. Unlike many other scenes, this one is not marked by major expressions of passion, emotion nor conflict, but it is lovely in its simplicity. Here is one of the few moments where both Eun Soo and Young are on the same page regarding their feelings for each other and, away from the palace with its dangers and complications, it offers them a rare opportunity to be light-hearted and enjoy the peace and comfort of simply being near each other, at least for a short while.


I particularly loved catching a glimpse of a more childish and possessive side of Young that he only reveals in front of Eun Soo. He might be a picture of the ideal warrior with his virtually superhuman dedication and loyalty, but it only means that the real man lies locked away deeper than most; he is certainly not above macho displays of affection and fishing for compliments from the woman he loves. 

by farstrep

The manner in which Choi Young demonstrates his love for Eun Soo is so sweet. The constant declaration of his absolute trust in Eun Soo has another implication. That he is totally putting himself in her hands, giving her the upper hand in their relationship. I'm glad that Eun Soo's heart is in the right place and does not abuse his vulnerability and the trust he places in her.

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